Monday, May 29, 2006

Value Village Produces Lovely Photo Opportunities

So, once a month I go shopping at Value Village with my friend. Now, it's not really about getting anything it's more about "The Value Village Experience". For example, the last trip produced:

6 Crappy Metal Bracelets (Bright colours): $0.69
1 incense tin with snake design: $0.69
1 Pair of hexagonal Elton John Sunglasses: $1.49
Bringing a camera and a friend to Value Village: Priceless

Sorry, I had to add the last one cause it makes me smile (I fall for incredibly corny commercials). We did a couple laps around the building checking out the most importants: Toys, Women, Kids, Shoes. My friend and I both enjoy picture taking and that day I was quite camera-happy. I'm not quite sure how Value Village would feel if they knew we were using thier store as a prop, but at that present moment it didn't seem to concern me. It's a very interesting place. You get a mix of college kids looking for costumes, people who can't afford to buy elsewhere, crazy eccentrics and hipsters. Oh yes, and some very ordinary people. Previously, at the Value Village in Victoria we had a man approaching us talking about how the stock becomes better at the end of the month because the homeless people get thier paychecks. Okay. Last time I went there was a woman with metallic golden lipstick, leopard print shirt with an overflowing cart. I wonder where you can buy golden lipstick? Now I should get to the pictures, because I need to do my science notes. I despise the end of the year. Especially in science and math. Apparently I have "two weeks" to finish my math units if I want in 10 pure. I have a couple units to go. But that's what happens when you forget to do math homework all year.

A lovely orange number.

I'm not sure if I'd work as the reluctant bride. Plus, there was probably lice in the veil.

The hexagonal shades, and I look like a guppy.

Bert and Ernie on the Doll Wall

Rocking the shoulder-pads and sequins.

Never did buy that shirt.

My friend and I looking deathly serious.
Value Village is excellent for those photo ops.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nice new blog layout!

I love Value Village. I've gotten some of my favourite clothes there and Eva finds killer cds there all the time.
Bert and Ernie look as though they were stuffed in a drycleaning bag by the friendly neighbourhood serial killer. A nice trophy.

Which VV did you go to? I usually go to the Midnapore one or the one by Chinook.

hilary m. said...

thanks! I think it's a refreshing change.

I've never tried looking for cds, I really should. I glimpse at the records once in a while though, they usually go by the lines of "An Arizona Christian Club Gospel Christmas". One day, I'm going to buy one..

LOL, that's basically how the entire doll wall looks, like the home of a serial killer. Great photo op.

Usually the one by Sunridge Mall on 32 Ave. Sometimes it has good stuff, sometimes it has nothing. Ah, Value Village so unpredictable.

yikes, I type a lot!

Alana said...

Those pictures are awesome!! I especially love the Bert & Ernie one too, it looks great and creepy and funny at the same time. :P

And thumbs up to the new template!

hilary m. said...

haha, thanks. I love the ernie and bert. I basically brought a camera primarily for capturing those poor dolls stuffed up in plastic sacks. wow, that sounds great.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Arizona Christian Club Gospel Christmas sounds like a MUST HAVE! Actually people get rid of some really good cds, surprisingly. Eva once bought The Replacements' Tim for $1.50. And that is a classic (I'll bet your dad would agree).

hilary m. said...

A must have, That's what I thought!

Wow. I suspect that would be quite a bit more in stores. It seems that your VV has better selection then mine. Unless some people would put "Arizona Christian Club" higher than the Replacements. I'm not sure who would though...

ps. I found RHPS among my fathers extensive record collection, yes!

debz said...

very fun pics....oh, to be young! VV is a little pricey for me - seriously, for a second hand t-shirt I am not paying any more than two bucks (sorry). Six dollars for an Expo 86 shirt just isn't going to happen with me. I'm lucky - we have an excellent hospital auxilliary thrift store in town. Some real gems there.

hilary m. said...

aww. I wish I had a nice thrift store that was close. I don't usually buy shirts anyways! just the 60 cent accesories. my friend buys clothes, but he's always been on the pricey side.