Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yay, holidays!
Well, I wish everyone an amazing happy christmas and relaxing holidays, etc. I'm leaving for three weeks today. I'll ski, visit family and I get a chance to stop in Vancouver for a couple days. It'll be quite nice.

Watched the taped version of the Colbert Report last night (along with a 3 hour Ali G Marathon). Quite funny, Chris Funk did a very good job. He impressed my metal-loving brother (quote: that was good for an indie rocker). You can check out Funk's performance and Colbert "performance" at

And here is a cute, weird, Sufjan Stevensy video for the holidays.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Decemberists vs. Colbert

That's one battle I would really like to see.
So Stephen Colbert had a video of him light-sabering Star Wars style with a green screen and he challenged fans to back it up with something. This is before, my pals the Decemberists decided they would get their fans to back up their performance with a green screen for the song "O Valencia". I personally really like this song and the Decemberists and I wouldn't want to see them being accused of something like... riding on Stephen Colbert's coattails! Which is what Colbert did... well, one thing led to another and now (via Pitchforkmedia) the Decemberists have challenged Colbert to something like a guitar solo contest on the 20th. My brother showed me all of this on YouTube (he's a internet video genius). Here's what Colbert had to say...

And here's one of the video entries...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello and sorry for the lack of blogging, it's been pretty busy lately.
School works kinda slowing down, though I still can't wait for the break. I'm getting very tired of some classes and I can't wait for a break from them. Take french. I really dislike going to French class everyday. This is odd, I like learning french and I also like french... but I don't like what we're doing in french, or how the teacher treats the assignments and us. It's sad because it can turn something that used to be interesting to something that's rather boring. I'm also getting really bored in Performing Arts, a subject with the potential of being the least boring. Strangely, I'd rather miss either of these classes then a class like Math, which isn't boring. Hopefully after the break things will become fresh as daises.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Santa Claus is coming! Hear the banjo strumming!!

You know who's anticipating Christmas when you hear that...
Sufjan Stevens!
Whilst at Megatunes the other day, I decided to buy the Christmas CD from your favourite state-obsessed, christian, with the breathy-indietastic voice. By the way, I didn't just say indietastic. It is entitled Sufjan Stevens songs for Christmas (singalong!). I originally bought it because a). Yay, stickers! b). Yay, Christmas cd! c). Yay, indietastic! and it is fitting its purpose for me quite nicely. Basically you have a bunch of Sufjan written Christmas related stuff and traditional christmas related stuff. Some of it is pretty mediocre, but there's a lot of good songs. It's pretty flexible too, there's some cool songs about Christmas, some Jesus-y songs about Christmas, some traditional Jesus-y songs about Christmas and this all means that it's fun for the whole family! A couple other bonuses are the awesome cartoon about how Sufjan Stevens saved Christmas, the songbook with all the chords and lyrics, the cute stickers, the cute pictures, the cute story, etc... So kids, if you like cute and holidays and funny and indietastic! than I suggest you should buy this CD, and if you don't want to buy it because you think this review is silly, just go to, and you'll get an intelligent, non-biased (winkwink), wholesome and most of all indietastic! review!

ps. I'm using the exclamation mark in the middle of the sentence because Panic! At The Disco can.
pps. I used indietastic 5 times.
ppps. One song's called "Get Behind Me, Santa". Yay!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Politically Correct Elf

Today I spent 6 hours outside, walking. It doesn't sound very appealing, but it wasn't bad. I was walking and talking to people and I was in Kensington. Today I was an elf, for "Christmas in Kensington". Basically you spread cheer on the streets and in stores by greeting people and giving them candy canes on behalf of the Kensington Businesses Association. You also are supposed to plug any meters that are below 20 minutes and pay for parking. I gave a out a lot of candy canes and saved a lot of people from tickets. Mostly we walked up to people and said "Happy Holidays" (some guy asked us if we were trying to be politically correct, which had never really occured to me) and asked them if they wanted a candy cane. Typical responses were "Okay..", "How much do I need to give you" and "I'm on a diet, no" or people ignored us. But most of them were really nice, and we had people honking horns and waving from their cars. There were a couple interesting occurances though. One time I asked a man if he wanted a candy cane and he started running away from me, an old man gave me a dollar and refused to give it back, some guy started mumbling weird things at me, a lot of old women told my friend and I we were "really cute". There were also some very good carollers and a band with trombones and trumpets and stuff. Next Saturday, you should seriously come to Kensington, you'll be put in the holiday spirit! And someone might fill up your meter for you...