Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yay, holidays!
Well, I wish everyone an amazing happy christmas and relaxing holidays, etc. I'm leaving for three weeks today. I'll ski, visit family and I get a chance to stop in Vancouver for a couple days. It'll be quite nice.

Watched the taped version of the Colbert Report last night (along with a 3 hour Ali G Marathon). Quite funny, Chris Funk did a very good job. He impressed my metal-loving brother (quote: that was good for an indie rocker). You can check out Funk's performance and Colbert "performance" at

And here is a cute, weird, Sufjan Stevensy video for the holidays.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hope you have a great trip, Hilary! Merry Christmas.

hahaha I haven't yet watched the Colbert Report that I have taped, so I cheated and watched the links (thanks!) Love the >mwaaaaaa< face that Chris Funk makes!

hilary m. said...

Thanks Barbara!
Merry Christmas to you too!

I love that look. More guitarists should adopt that expression in mid-solo. It was very funny.

Allison said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday Hilary! And a Merry Christmas!!

Going to watch the Colbert clip now :) Safe travels.

hilary m. said...

You too Allison!
Merry Christmas.

Awesome, happy holidays.

Evelyne said...

Hapy New year Hilary!