Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello and sorry for the lack of blogging, it's been pretty busy lately.
School works kinda slowing down, though I still can't wait for the break. I'm getting very tired of some classes and I can't wait for a break from them. Take french. I really dislike going to French class everyday. This is odd, I like learning french and I also like french... but I don't like what we're doing in french, or how the teacher treats the assignments and us. It's sad because it can turn something that used to be interesting to something that's rather boring. I'm also getting really bored in Performing Arts, a subject with the potential of being the least boring. Strangely, I'd rather miss either of these classes then a class like Math, which isn't boring. Hopefully after the break things will become fresh as daises.


Evelyne said...

The way a teacher presents a certain subject can make it really interesting or really boring, I hated English classes in high school, until we started to watch the Simpsons. Some teachers are terrible, your favourite subject can become the one you hate the most.

Math teachers can be awesome, in grade 11 (secondaire 5), the one i had was amazing, he explained us (during the first class) that the goal of the year was to go to the Denis' Island (his name is Denis), and to go there, we'll all be in the same boat (the classroom). And we have to stay in the boat, if we jump in the sea, after a certain point, we won't be able to get back on that boat, so we'll have to swim really hard to get back on the boat, of course he will help us, but he can't swim for us. And at the end of the year (yeah, it takes a year to get there, the Island is far far away, in an unknown sea) we'll meet all Denis' friend. And what was amazing is that when he did an example, he chose characters living on the island (like Tic Tac and Toc the cab drivers, or his friend the purple lizard)... Anyways, this comment is starting to be really long, but i hope that your French classes are going to be less boring!

hilary m. said...

I really agree, I've gone through so many good and bad teachers it's hard to tell which subject I like the most.

Classes can be made so much more interesting if the teacher has interesting ideas. Although this year we're doing basically the same thing in performing arts and it's not half as fun. I think it really comes down to the teacher respecting and understanding the students. If teachers treat their pupils like toddlers, they will act like toddlers.