Friday, February 23, 2007


So once I arrived to snow and dry at home, I couldn't help missing mexico a little bit.
That can't explain my laziness though.
We have a huge assignment on the Industrial Revolution due Monday. I haven't really chipped into that yet...
Then there's Science, I'm pretty behind on the workbooks we're doing.
and we have this assignment for enrichment (a worthless class) to present about something we're passionate about. It was due last week. I think... I'm still not sure about my topic.
I'll probably go to Kensington tomorrow and interview people on video about something, and present it to the class. It's an excuse to go to Kensington and talk to people.
Then of course I haven't posted for ages.
Ironically the only subject I'm ahead in is math (despite almost failing the last quiz).
Oh well, it's naturally to find yourself a bit behind after a couple days a way.
It's also natural for me to procrastinate.
I do get things done though...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recuperar la entrada

That means "recover the post" by the way.
Blogger is in spanish, which means hilary m. is in Mexico.
I love it here, it's amazing.
But I have to go. When I have more time I will post more.
Buenas noches amigos!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm lazier than I thought

I just noticed that I took a huge break from blogging.. hopefully people don't start to think I'm dead.

I'm not though, I'm quite the opposite fortunately! School's picking up again after midterms, which means I'm busy. I got my course selections done (that's finally over) and I'm ready for a February and March of long weekends. Which has positive's and negative's because long weekends + a lot of homework does not always work. I have some trouble with time management during the weekend. I had a huge poetry anthology due on Monday, which 75% was completed on Sunday night at 12:30 or on Monday morning and at lunch. I still got a surprising 94%, but I could've done better.

Our basketball team lost our first game on Tuesday, which was too bad. It was a team who we'd already beat... But thankfully today we picked up with a very, very, close win. I was a bit late for the game (it involved a trip out to chinook value village on the c-train because we were dismissed early and a trip back arriving 3 minutes into the game). Otherwise it went well, most of our games have been not very interesting because we've won them. This one was geniunely close. But our coach made some weird decisions. He put me on in the last 4 minutes (we were tied) and I played wing which I haven't really for a year. I'm not exactly a scoring player, and I was the last person to pass to for a basket, but our team scored 2 points to put us ahead by one basket, then with 4 seconds left I scored one. It wasn't too bad actually, considering I'm definitely not used to game-securing baskets. My average per game is a measly 2 points. Well actually 2.2 probably cause I scored 4 today. I don't want to think about math though, I have some Simplifying, multiplying, dividing, adding rational expressions homework that is no fun. It combines my two favourite things in math, polynomials and fractions.

Anyways, I don't know how I've been able to not talk about this, I'm going to Puerta Vallarta in less than three days! I'm excited, I've never been, my aunt and uncle have a condo there for a month so we decided to go. I'm completley looking forward to hot weather and an exciting experience! So umm.. buenos dias for now! Have a good february!