Monday, April 16, 2007


When I heard about those shootings at Virginia Tech. after school today, I felt like I was going to throw up.

It makes me sick. It makes me sick how people can have access to firearms like this at all. I don't care about self-defence or revenge, this shouldn't happen and it seems to be getting worse and worse. It would be a bad decision to be paranoid about this, being a student in a high school. One of the teachers at our school covered all the windows in the doors of her classroom with newspaper, but I'd like to think that paranoia comes from mistrust and ignorance. I don't believe in living in fear for no reason. I'm not afraid but I am concerned. I'm concerned that violence is happening more and more often, that guns are becoming more and more acceptable.

It infuriates me even more when I hear people using this as an excuse to validate people carrying firearms for self-defence. This is not an arms race, if only these people had no access to weapons in the first place. People need to take something from this, certainly the Bush administration needs to extract something from it. Why are people becoming so isolated and depressed and violent that they are willing to take a gun and murder innocent people? As much as it's encouraging, I don't believe that praying will slow down a culture becoming more and more violent.

And when the president imagines God giving him advice, he must be imagining some crazy bullshit, because I know this is not the direction the United States should be going.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

spring apparently has sprung

But in this city you never know...
Meanwhile, I've started jogging every day (haha yeah I'm not joking, I don't know how long this will keep up). I've been keeping it up for 6 days, which is somewhat impressive for me. The jog I do is only 5k, but it's relaxing. I figure after I stopped swimming and basketball I should make somewhat of an effort to get fit, and if I don't get exercise, I get pretty depressed.
Like on spring break!
Well the exercise I got on spring break was mainly walking around the +15's and anywhere else downtown. I spent a lot of time in Chinatown, art central, 17th, etc. And a lot of time on buses. There weren't a lot of people who were around, but it was kinda fun anyways. I got a shirt from Junk Star on 17th, and a cute hoodie from Chinatown. They also have some awesome shirts at carbonmedia in Art Central, and I have my eye on a couple. Maybe this weekend...

And in other news (this post is not going to be very deep, by the way) I dyed my hair "pomegranite" which is kind of a dark red, and got it cut with side, long-ish bangs. It's cool, I get bored with a cut easily so when I get a new short, red cut it's pretty good. It's odd how half the people I know don't know my natural hair colour, when I've known them before I dyed it... but I don't like telling them it was long and wavy and lame-o brown before.

So now I have to write a comic book featuring superheroes based on the Ottoman and the Soviet Union. I don't know the superheroes names yet. Maybe "The Otto Man", I can't figure out what to do for the Soviet Union, "Man of Steel" is taken by too many people.

Monday, April 02, 2007

it's just the beginning of spring and I'm started to wait for summer

So, the Calgary Folk Fest doesn't have many artists that interest me - yet, but while I am waiting for that full line-up I can always drool over the Winnipeg Folk Fest lineup. You see, this year, I hit a jackpot. I get to be here for all of the folk fest and I will be 2 hours away from the Winnipeg Folk Fest when it occurs. Which means, I might be able to see Final Fantasy, Corb Lund, Amy Millan, Joel Plaskett and more. Haha and Randy Newman's coming (my brother can do a mean Randy Newman impression). So I'd be really excited to catch at least one day. Hoorah! for Folk Fests.

And, did anybody watch the Juno's last night? If not, you didn't miss much. Nelly Furtado, a lot of Nelly Furtado, some Billy Talent and Hedley or whatever. k-os smashed his guitar. Not much else. How come once you dance around some colourful, expensive club setting and sing the same old generic pop shit you get famous and successful. Thank you for giving me hope for the future. Not. On another not, that guy with the achievement award, Bob Rock, who played with the Tragically Hip. He is a producer/musician, etc. and he is also the uncle of my dad's friend's kid. So anyways, not too excited for the Juno's, it's kind of obvious that they reflect record sales and not talent.