Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, haven't got a lot of chance to do watch the Hour this week, which is really too bad. I miss George Stroumboulopoulos!! And my current events!! I did read in the paper the other day about Morrissey and his seal fetish. I have a couple things to say, because it seems seal hunting is quite a hot topic lately, it's also open to soo many different views and interpretations. If anyone knows Morrissey's postal address, please let me know. Maybe I could email him? That would be helpful, please.

Dear Morrissey,

Well, I'm a big Smiths fan, although I must speak frankly, Mr. Morrissey. I respect you for your wit and your talent. I resent you for coming off as a ridiculously arrogant and incredibly dramatic jerk. Now sometimes this comes in handy for you, it can come off as a quirky, positive trait. But your comments about Canada and the seal hunt were quiet ludicrous. Before attacking you, I'll clarify my opinion. I am a vegetarian (much too many listens to Meat is Murder made me make up my mind.), although I'm definitely not fascist and intolerant about it. I personally feel that will have a positive effect on the world. I know many people disagree, and that's perfectly fine with me. I believe the seal hunt shouldn't be continued, although I really understand the perspectives of those who support it. I'm not going to support stopping killing cows or chickens for a couple of reasons. These animals are food, and contain things like iron and protein, which is a necessity for a human. Fashion, however is not a necessity, that's the difference it makes. We don't need to kill things for fashion, no matter how good we want to look. To wear something that used to be alive seems kind of unnerving. Yet to most people it conveys as a sign of wealth and status. I believe we should find a way to stop this hunt, but one that doesn't leave the working class people who benefit from this, with a huge loss. Of course, these things take time. I don't like all these rich, successful celebrities ignorantly ranting about something that could be benefiting people who are less fortunate (the ones who don't have millions of screaming fans who know the lyrics to every song they wrote). All these factors make this a tough issue. Now, I find your decision to boycott Canada absolutely absurd. You (frankly?) admitted it would only make a small affect, why bother than? It's just going to make the sales of your new record in Canada go down. I'm not sure this is going to have a positive affect, unless you want your fans to become more cynical and hateful than they already are. Is this a case of bigmouth strikes again? Are you only joking? Because, dear me, bigmouth hasn't spent all these years becoming a politician, a world leader, methinks it lacks credentials.. Maybe dear Morrissey, instead of playing in the UK and the USA only, those lovely countries unblemished with a reputation of inhumanities, you could come to our hideously immoral country and inform our public of our sins, help us learn from them and perhaps you will start something that can be finished. Maybe then I will buy your record.

With love and resentment,

hilary m.

Spring Breaking News

Ah, the break has been very nice to me so far. I went out to Vancouver with my mum for a couple days, we got some good shopping done and the west coast was absolutely fabulous. I love how everything isn't brown, dry, sad and desolate. At least it's better than Dallas, where my dad went last weekend. Apparently, there are no shops downtown, everyone drives, the food is large and fattening, the people are large, there is lots of poverty and violence. Did I mention, everything there is in the suburbs? People, malls, parks (or absence of parks), schools, services, EVERYTHING. Except the corporations. I'm not quite sure what this world is coming to. Whatever it is, Dallas isn't a good example. It sounds awful.

Well.. I'm going to Fernie tomorrow. I went shopping, and saw a movie with Taylor and Nigel, which was very fabulous. I don't want to go to Fernie though, yikes, I never get any time at home!

Well. You guys should read the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Great book, I'm not finished yet so I should get back to it!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A cough

Well, I'm at home today blogging because I'm sick with a cough. We went to the doctor. She suggested walking pneumonia or whooping cough. I don't think it's whooping cough, because I have had it for a while now and no one I know seems to have it, whooping cough is extremely contagious, usually if you have been diagnosed you'll have to notify the health region and be in quarantine. I'd quite rather the pnuemonia, because "Death", "Seizure Disorder" or "Mental Retardation isn't included among the complications. So, considering I'm a walking pneumatic (heehee) I should have:

cough -- may be dry or produce phlegm
muscular stiffness and aching
breathing, rapid may be present
shortness of breath may be present
loss of appetite (anorexia)

Yeah.. well. I have a cough. That's about it. The site I got this from must suck. Anyways;; I might not be at school tomorrow, and I hope I don't have whooping cough. That's about it. I'm going to the pharmacy in an hour or so to get antibiotics, and iron supplement pills for vegetarinasm. So. Much. Fun.

A voice

I thought the interview on the Hour with Noam Chomsky on the 13th was very interesting. George Stroumboloupoulos had some great questions, but I wish it could have been longer, actually. I didn't know a lot about Chomsky before, I recognized the name, my mum might have mentioned him earlier. I thought it was great to see someone who had devoted a lifetime to speaking out against issues so important to us as people. This is a person, who cares not for himself but for the rights of everyone in society. A thinker and a speaker. There are lots of normal people who oppose big things they think are wrong, and I'd like to thank every single one of them. No matter how small or big the issue, I have so much respect for those who are willing to fight for what they believe is right for the people, against all odds. These people truly have a voice, a voice worth listening to. They aren't the huge powerful leader, but the opposition who sees through different eyes. They don't follow what anyone else has written down, but what is most important to the people. I admire anyone willing to take on something so big. For example, there's a 17 year old boy in Pincher Creek trying to stop a WAL-MART from being built in his hometown. A kid against a corporation? No matter who wins, he's getting attention and people are beginning to look at all sides of the issue, not just at the big corporation or the powerful politician. When these people show us the other perspectives of the issue, that, I believe is the beginning of social change.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Well. I'd just like to spend a quick second commenting on the coolness of these two pictures on my wall.
They're actually not pictures, but mounted records.
I'm not a big Elvis fan, but he certainly was an interesting and influential guy. I was talking to my dad a while ago about the album, "London Calling" by the Clash. Definitely an essential for both of us. So. He mentioned a fairly well known but interesting aspect of this album. It's actually formatted exactly the same as Elvis Presley's self-titled first album. Now, coincidentally my dad owns both of these (and probably two other London Calling duplicates). This Christmas, he gave me both of these albums, nicely framed to put on my wall. Probably the best aspect of my room. It's very nice to look at, above my computer and see a couple of legends. Hoorah!! for ELVIS CALLING.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So Hard To Keep Up

Wow, I hate it when everything gets busy.
I should probably get used to it, the worst is yet to come.
But there seems to be so much I need to do for school. I have a growing hatred for Convex Lenses and the Red River Rebellion. No offense to either, but I've had too much of them for now. And Math. Gee, math. What an easy subject. I think it's harder to concentrate when I'm alone though, weird although I'm an outgoing person. I really don't like getting kicked out for laughing. Maybe I've had it too easy, but it seems a bit unfair. We just sit around being quiet all class, that in itself I find a bit odd. That I should probably get used to also. I guess I need to get used to a lot of things, maybe I should stay in the present for now. I have a problem with worrying about my future, the effect of things, my life. I don't have a lot of time for that. And to something lighter..

Words to Music. I thought that it was lovely to watch Leonard Cohen getting some recognition. He's a great man, a great poet, a great artist. He deserves so much respect. I guess I'll just talk about what I though of the tribute performances. Well, number 1 was Rufus Wainwright. I'm a fan ya'know. Everybody Knows is a hard song to do. Rufus did a good job, but he didn't show all he had. I think that he was very nervous. Does he dance like that in live performances all the time? I've never seen one and I'd love too. Next was our friend Willie Nelson doing "Bird On A Wire". I think I forgave him for doing all that Jessica Simpson stuff. Argh. Although, it was a great song, done beautifully in my opinion. After was k.d. lang. Kind of a finale sort of thing. Same thing she did at the Juno's. My mum loved it. She has a great voice. But I'm not sure how authentic it felt. It must've been for her, because after she ran down and exchanged a kind of head-but, nameste thing with Leonard. Good watch though, good watch. guilty pleasure.. *makes sure no one is reading*. Much VJ Search.
It's so corny..yet so entertaining...
I'm so rooting for Sean and Nikki.
And I don't mind Tim.

Which means I'm super cool.