Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So Hard To Keep Up

Wow, I hate it when everything gets busy.
I should probably get used to it, the worst is yet to come.
But there seems to be so much I need to do for school. I have a growing hatred for Convex Lenses and the Red River Rebellion. No offense to either, but I've had too much of them for now. And Math. Gee, math. What an easy subject. I think it's harder to concentrate when I'm alone though, weird although I'm an outgoing person. I really don't like getting kicked out for laughing. Maybe I've had it too easy, but it seems a bit unfair. We just sit around being quiet all class, that in itself I find a bit odd. That I should probably get used to also. I guess I need to get used to a lot of things, maybe I should stay in the present for now. I have a problem with worrying about my future, the effect of things, my life. I don't have a lot of time for that. And to something lighter..

Words to Music. I thought that it was lovely to watch Leonard Cohen getting some recognition. He's a great man, a great poet, a great artist. He deserves so much respect. I guess I'll just talk about what I though of the tribute performances. Well, number 1 was Rufus Wainwright. I'm a fan ya'know. Everybody Knows is a hard song to do. Rufus did a good job, but he didn't show all he had. I think that he was very nervous. Does he dance like that in live performances all the time? I've never seen one and I'd love too. Next was our friend Willie Nelson doing "Bird On A Wire". I think I forgave him for doing all that Jessica Simpson stuff. Argh. Although, it was a great song, done beautifully in my opinion. After was k.d. lang. Kind of a finale sort of thing. Same thing she did at the Juno's. My mum loved it. She has a great voice. But I'm not sure how authentic it felt. It must've been for her, because after she ran down and exchanged a kind of head-but, nameste thing with Leonard. Good watch though, good watch.

And..my guilty pleasure.. *makes sure no one is reading*. Much VJ Search.
It's so corny..yet so entertaining...
I'm so rooting for Sean and Nikki.
And I don't mind Tim.

Which means I'm super cool.

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hilary m. said...

haha. i'm sooo good.
i was cheering for the people who ended up in the top three.
i'd be the best VJ detector ever.
thank you.