Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A cough

Well, I'm at home today blogging because I'm sick with a cough. We went to the doctor. She suggested walking pneumonia or whooping cough. I don't think it's whooping cough, because I have had it for a while now and no one I know seems to have it, whooping cough is extremely contagious, usually if you have been diagnosed you'll have to notify the health region and be in quarantine. I'd quite rather the pnuemonia, because "Death", "Seizure Disorder" or "Mental Retardation isn't included among the complications. So, considering I'm a walking pneumatic (heehee) I should have:

cough -- may be dry or produce phlegm
muscular stiffness and aching
breathing, rapid may be present
shortness of breath may be present
loss of appetite (anorexia)

Yeah.. well. I have a cough. That's about it. The site I got this from must suck. Anyways;; I might not be at school tomorrow, and I hope I don't have whooping cough. That's about it. I'm going to the pharmacy in an hour or so to get antibiotics, and iron supplement pills for vegetarinasm. So. Much. Fun.

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