Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, haven't got a lot of chance to do watch the Hour this week, which is really too bad. I miss George Stroumboulopoulos!! And my current events!! I did read in the paper the other day about Morrissey and his seal fetish. I have a couple things to say, because it seems seal hunting is quite a hot topic lately, it's also open to soo many different views and interpretations. If anyone knows Morrissey's postal address, please let me know. Maybe I could email him? That would be helpful, please.

Dear Morrissey,

Well, I'm a big Smiths fan, although I must speak frankly, Mr. Morrissey. I respect you for your wit and your talent. I resent you for coming off as a ridiculously arrogant and incredibly dramatic jerk. Now sometimes this comes in handy for you, it can come off as a quirky, positive trait. But your comments about Canada and the seal hunt were quiet ludicrous. Before attacking you, I'll clarify my opinion. I am a vegetarian (much too many listens to Meat is Murder made me make up my mind.), although I'm definitely not fascist and intolerant about it. I personally feel that will have a positive effect on the world. I know many people disagree, and that's perfectly fine with me. I believe the seal hunt shouldn't be continued, although I really understand the perspectives of those who support it. I'm not going to support stopping killing cows or chickens for a couple of reasons. These animals are food, and contain things like iron and protein, which is a necessity for a human. Fashion, however is not a necessity, that's the difference it makes. We don't need to kill things for fashion, no matter how good we want to look. To wear something that used to be alive seems kind of unnerving. Yet to most people it conveys as a sign of wealth and status. I believe we should find a way to stop this hunt, but one that doesn't leave the working class people who benefit from this, with a huge loss. Of course, these things take time. I don't like all these rich, successful celebrities ignorantly ranting about something that could be benefiting people who are less fortunate (the ones who don't have millions of screaming fans who know the lyrics to every song they wrote). All these factors make this a tough issue. Now, I find your decision to boycott Canada absolutely absurd. You (frankly?) admitted it would only make a small affect, why bother than? It's just going to make the sales of your new record in Canada go down. I'm not sure this is going to have a positive affect, unless you want your fans to become more cynical and hateful than they already are. Is this a case of bigmouth strikes again? Are you only joking? Because, dear me, bigmouth hasn't spent all these years becoming a politician, a world leader, methinks it lacks credentials.. Maybe dear Morrissey, instead of playing in the UK and the USA only, those lovely countries unblemished with a reputation of inhumanities, you could come to our hideously immoral country and inform our public of our sins, help us learn from them and perhaps you will start something that can be finished. Maybe then I will buy your record.

With love and resentment,

hilary m.


The Informer said...

so your vegitarian?
yet you were doc martens wich are made of leather?
tad hypocritical

hilary m. said...

pre-vegetarianism chris.
i regret it thoughhh.
now i only buy the coloured ones that don't have leather.
so, i'm a recovering hypocrite.

The Informer said...

hmmm im actually post vegetarian

i like meat cause its delicious GO BACON!

hilary m. said...

i'm not a huge bacon fan.
but i really miss ginger beef.

and chicken fingers.

Anonymous said...

youre such a stupid bitch. tell that shit infront of morrissey.