Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A voice

I thought the interview on the Hour with Noam Chomsky on the 13th was very interesting. George Stroumboloupoulos had some great questions, but I wish it could have been longer, actually. I didn't know a lot about Chomsky before, I recognized the name, my mum might have mentioned him earlier. I thought it was great to see someone who had devoted a lifetime to speaking out against issues so important to us as people. This is a person, who cares not for himself but for the rights of everyone in society. A thinker and a speaker. There are lots of normal people who oppose big things they think are wrong, and I'd like to thank every single one of them. No matter how small or big the issue, I have so much respect for those who are willing to fight for what they believe is right for the people, against all odds. These people truly have a voice, a voice worth listening to. They aren't the huge powerful leader, but the opposition who sees through different eyes. They don't follow what anyone else has written down, but what is most important to the people. I admire anyone willing to take on something so big. For example, there's a 17 year old boy in Pincher Creek trying to stop a WAL-MART from being built in his hometown. A kid against a corporation? No matter who wins, he's getting attention and people are beginning to look at all sides of the issue, not just at the big corporation or the powerful politician. When these people show us the other perspectives of the issue, that, I believe is the beginning of social change.


Stefan said...

I watched that interview and I thought it was amazing. The name Chomsky kept ringing in my head as if I should know his name. Then I realized that I had heard it referenced on many occasions on several psychology courses I've taken in the past.


I have an unrelated question though. Nearing the end of the March 13th show (monday)he showed a video clip of some music video of a woman singing. But her voice was really strange, like it was in 10 different frequencies.

Do you recall which singer / band / artist that was?

Im obsessed with finding out what that was for some reason.

DAVE (theendofdave.com) said...

Nothing bad to say about Noam, he's brilliant.

But don't you think that he should have gotten more airtime? Plus George's line of questioning was kinda weak.I think George should have done his homework first...

hilary m. said...

i think george looked a little nervous. maybe he was anxious about meeting noam..

he was drawing up questions that were more about the present (opposition to iraq, etc.).