Friday, February 23, 2007


So once I arrived to snow and dry at home, I couldn't help missing mexico a little bit.
That can't explain my laziness though.
We have a huge assignment on the Industrial Revolution due Monday. I haven't really chipped into that yet...
Then there's Science, I'm pretty behind on the workbooks we're doing.
and we have this assignment for enrichment (a worthless class) to present about something we're passionate about. It was due last week. I think... I'm still not sure about my topic.
I'll probably go to Kensington tomorrow and interview people on video about something, and present it to the class. It's an excuse to go to Kensington and talk to people.
Then of course I haven't posted for ages.
Ironically the only subject I'm ahead in is math (despite almost failing the last quiz).
Oh well, it's naturally to find yourself a bit behind after a couple days a way.
It's also natural for me to procrastinate.
I do get things done though...


Allison said...

Sound like me lately. I have so much to do, but am being a lazy arse and not doing any of it.

How was the trip?? Hope you are more productive than I and get all your work done :)

hilary m. said...

Yeah. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I have to do, but not necessarily doing it.

It was amazing, if I'm not too lazy (and if I get my dad's pictures) I will definitely have some sort of post about it.

I did some Industrial Revolution work today! I'm proud. And I one a little basketball for the most "hustle" in our tournament.