Saturday, May 06, 2006

So, I stumbled upon my old Archie comics, and I happened to find this lovely page:

Hehe. Poor suckers. I guess Morrissey got to that disco before they even had a chance.

Now I need to find a safe place to keep that page.

I watched "Match Point" last night. It took me a couple hours (at least I think it was that long) to figure out that it was basically an opera, directed by Woody Allen. I thought it was engaging. But I had to go upstairs during the embarrassing and stressful parts. For some reason the drama and flamboyance of an opera makes me nervous when it's a movie set in the 21st century. The soundtrack was all opera, a lot of Verdi, which was very fitting for the entire movie, but it made me even more nervous. I wasn't that nervous when I saw "Dead Man Walking". I think that movies are a lot more believable and realistic than opera, which is more about the drama, passion, music.. Maybe that's why I was so nervous. Although, what do I know? I've seen two opera's in my lifetime, both on invitation, although I enjoyed them. It was a good movie despite the fact that I went upstairs for half of it because I couldn't take the "stress".


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Either Morrissey or Panic at the Disco hahaha

Hey I just noticed I'm up on your blogroll. Thanks I will definitely return the favour.

hilary m. said...

Methinks Morrissey has better "burning disco skills" than Panic! At the Disco..

Ohyes, you are on my blogroll. ^^. Thankss. And thanks again for chelsea hotel No. 2. I've had to listen to it a few times today, I love it so much.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Amen to that sister; Panic at the Disco rather sucks and Morrissey definitely does not.
I'm glad you're enjoying CH#2. I usually have it on repeat when I listen to it as well.
You're on my blogroll now too.

Barbara said...

I did see Matchpoint. I did not like the characters or the ending. But now you say it's like an Opera tells me more about why it was the way it was. I still don't like it.
I just rented Elizabethtown (and enjoyed it). Makes me want to go on a roadtrip by myself. I also rented Wedding Crashers (french title: Garcons Sans Honneur) The french title sounds like a war movie. I have yet to play it. lol

hilary m. said...

barbara b., I would have to agree with that.. even if Panic! was actually good, Morrissey will always have the ultimate disco burning skills.

barbara w., the end of that movie made me despise the characters even more.. but I found it somewhat interesting. I saw Elizabethtown also, despite some bad reviews, I liked it. they had some nice music, and it made me feel happy (unlike matchpoint..).

My french might be incredibly rusty, but doesn't that mean "young men without honour"? probably a suitable title. I secretly thought it was pretty funny. I liked the brother "Todd", he was excellent.