Thursday, May 25, 2006

La de da de da dedadedade-da.

These past couple days have been days of love at first sight.
It all started out by picking up the Decemberist's "Picaresque". Or rather, having a listen on my iPod. You see, my pop culture savvy father bought it a while ago, and I didn't get a chance to listen to it until I went to Victoria. I loved it!! I think I had some of the songs on repeat for a bit, just to listen to them again. It's kind of witty, modern, tongue-in-cheek folk songishness. But I'm no expert. Anyhow, I love them. I had a couple favourite songs.. umm. "Sixteen Military Wives", "From My Own True Love", "Eli, the Barrow Boy", "The Mariner's Revenge Song", and "Engine Driver", I swear the start of this song is a variation of the opening chords to "Half A Person" by the Smiths. Anyways. I'm head over heels in love.

Nextnextnext. A movie. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Which is kind of like an experience, everyone should probably see it. Well I hadn't, so I rented it from Roger's and watched it with my friend and dear brother. Now, I know people will argue about the value of musicals, and how they suck, but I thought it was just fabulous. Just a fun, great movie to see. Tim Curry was the most hilarious 'sweet transvestite' I have ever seen, and the entire supporting cast was fab too. Though I despise Meat Loaf, his appearance was awesome. My friend loved it too. Now we both want to go to the Plaza (which is minutes from my house) to see it in theatre. But I think the last showing was tonight, so ohh well. Maybe next time. It was a great change from the string of dark and depressing movies I had seen (The Weatherman, Match Point, The Squid and The Whale, Art School Confidential). They were all good, but not really uplifting.

byebye for now.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I feel like I've just wandered into my own mind here!

I LOVE the Decemberists and Picaresques was one of my top cds from 2005. The Mariner's Revenge Song is wicked! Now that's revenge. I currently love On the Bus Mall and The Sporting Life. Colin Melloy is a really amazing guy - he's a big history buff and I believe has written a book or two.
Check out Neutral Milk Hotel if you like the Decemberists. They are not together anymore, but Jeff Magnum is a huge history buff as well, with a weird fascination for Anne Frank.

I used to go see the RHPS in university all the time. We used to dress up and take our props and act and sing along and throw toast at the screen - the whole enchilada. I always dressed up as Magenta, because I had the same hair.

hilary m. said...

that's awesome, the whole CD is wonderful in my opinion. I should really check that out, I need some more reading stuff too cause I've started re-reading my favourites again..
that's too bad, do any of them have solo cd's out?

It sounds like a lot of fun! It just stopped at the Plaza in Kensington, which infortunate because my mum was willing to take us to the midnight show. I wonder if they'd let a couple 14 year olds in...
I'd have to dress up as Susan Sarandon if I wanted to match my hair, which isn't as fun!

Alana said...

That's awesome that you watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's gotta be close to blasphemy if you don't watch it, like if you've never seen A Clockwork Orange, both of them are awesome movies. Glad you liked it!

I've never checked out the Decemberists, but much like going to Barbara's blog, I've got another band to write down and check out. Thanks!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Apparently after the breakup of Neutral Milk Hotel, Jeff Magnum did a history degree or something and has been trying to publish a book of poetry.
Hey, now that I can host songs (fingers crossed) I'll put some on my site this weekend.
I didn't know the Plaza had stopped showing the midnight shows of RHPS. I hope they bring it back soon.

hilary m. said...

Well, I haven't seen 'A Clockwork Orange' either, so now I guess I'm halfway to redemption. ^^

Yes, that would be excellent *crosses fingers*.

It is too bad they aren't showing RHPS anymore. But it usually comes back and forth at the Plaza, I hope they'll have it by the end of June. That silly Plaza. It's a nice theatre and conveniently located but whenever I want to see something there, it changes. =(

The Informer said...

Plaza show RHPS alot. Like ALOT.

hilary m. said...

every long weekend. The guy at Roger's was talking about it. There's this guy at Roger's who always talks to us about RHPS when we go there.

the next one's in august. I'm hoping to be there. But I think I'm in Ontario. Oh well.

debz said...

Yes we're dating ourselves, aren't we BB?? I also used to love the RHPS "experience", although we never dressed up (should have!). Loved the crowd interaction...very fond memories. Saw it many times.

hilary m. said...

it's great that people in my generation are still enjoying it.

I hope to go this summer. the problem with the summer, is that I can never round up friends to come.