Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Track Meet

Yikes, today was the track meet, and I was in girls 600m. This event is otherwise known as "why the hell did I sign up for this" or "is it really worth it". So I took the bus to Foothills at 8:50. My event was at 1:10. I kind of sat around in the shade, listened to.. MY BRAND NEW 30G iPOD!!.. and talked to my friends. The race was quite tiring in the sun, on the hottest day yet this year. I placed 10th.. but I think I placed 9th, because the grumpy lady at the end didn't like me. You see, the theory of the 600m is.. "fast running at the start, jogging till the end, sprint at the end" I completed the following minus the sprint. Therefore, I suck. : ). So after that, I poured water on myself, bought a Texas Donut to share with my friend and stood in the sun. When it was over, we went to the busses. Our school had one bus. There were enough kids to comfortably fit in three busses. So we piled in that bus, than left the rest of us to sit in the sun. It was old, creaky and smelt of cheese. That's usually what you get when you go to public school, though I couldn't love my school any more. Well, now I have a nasty looking sunburn. All this to miss a day of school.



Barbara said...

What is a Texas donut? and how many songs does a 30G ipod hold?

hilary m. said...

the answers to your questions!

1. An extremly large, fatty, sugary, carby, texan donut usually dipped in fat and covered with sprinkles. In other words, a little (occasionally nauseating) piece of heaveeen.

2. Gee. I'm not quite sure. I'm guessing about 5000. I only have 1500. Plenty 'o' room.

The Informer said...

i like ipod
you need to get online. cause you need to send me that song.

hilary m. said...


I was in vi-vi-victoria all the weekend. remind me on msn.

and I will.