Thursday, May 11, 2006

How I'm Awful At Soccer.

I'm very bad at soccer.


So I try to be a goalie, during gym. But then my team gets angry at me, because I seem to let in the "goals". Why do they call it a goalie, if you're not supposed to let in goals!? The worst part about soccer, is my silly twin brother. Today we were divided up into two teams, the team that competes, and the "leisure" team. Otherwise known as.. the people who suck. My brother decided he would be on the liesure team, as did I. Except, he was constantly competing throughout the whole game, showing off and kicking the ball really hard at me. And making fun of me. Sometime I think twins should be illegal.
Phewwf. That was a good rant.

Well, it's very hot and the mosquitos have decided to make thier unwelcome presence on my arms. It's not very fun, though I'm good at slapping them. Though, I slap pretty hard, and I end up with red marks on my arms from slapping. Oh the not-so-joys of springtime.

I'm going to Victoria in a week, I'm very happy about that. And I'll be at Knox United the night before, for some Billy Cowsill memorial. I didn't listen to Billy Cowsill, but my parents are big fans, and his band used to play at my mum's fundraisers, so it's a big deal for them. I've never been inside the church, so I'm excited about that. Yikes, May is a busy month.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I saw Hawksley Workman at Knox United about a month ago. It was pretty great, but felt weird to be sitting down at a concert (and we were kinda too close to the back). It's a spectacularly beautiful building though. Have fun.

hilary m. said...

hmm, that would've been an interesting experience. I kind of like the concept of a concert in a church. the acoustics probably would be pretty good. : ). well, I should have fun there.