Thursday, May 04, 2006

Those silly Flames..

Well, yesterday was the day Calgary's beloved Flames got "knocked out" of the play-offs.
I didn't shed any tears, but I was quite sad to see them go. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I think the play-off games are fun to watch. It's a bit like a suspense movie, like watching "Psycho" with our Film class. You have an audience filled with questions "Who's going to score? will we get a powerplay?" or perhaps "When's the lady going to get murdered? is Mrs. Bates dangerous?". It's not necessarily horrifically scary, but very suspenseful. I really enjoyed "Psycho", and I also enjoy play-off games. Now that they're over, I'm not sure where I will get my suspense. Well, I am going to the divisional track meet next week. Unfortunatly I was fourth in our school at my race, and I haven't trained since then.. the race will not be suspenseful.

I didn't exactly notice an "aura" of sorrow looming around the city today. People seemed quite calm. The newspapers seemed quite calm, a real absence of exclamation marks. The only remarks about the Flames I heard were a couple "The Flames sucked last night". I think people are moving on. Now that the Habs and the Flames are out, I think I will be cheering for the Senators, who seem to be doing quite well. Oh, and those silly Oiler's beat the Red Wings.. I wonder what would happen if I wore the Oiler's shirt I have at the back of the closet, tomorrow. I wore it to go jogging once, and people yelled at me from bars.


And in other news... the artists with the most amount of songs on my iPod go like this:
Neil Young-70
The Smiths-65
The Clash-58
Rufus Wainwright-55

Good ol' Neil. A couple months ago I grabbed all of my Dads greatest hits cd's and it became that. The Smiths would be there because I own most of the albums commercially available, (which is a lot, trust me). The Clash, I have a couple greatest hits, than Combat Rock and London Calling. The rest are resting beside my record player on vinyl. I own four Rufus albums. And a couple songs from movie soundtracks. Because he's done about a bazillion. And I really want his cover of Chelsea Hotel No. 2, but I am unable to acquire that...


Kian said...

(I followed your blog from the hour case you were curious :D )

Edmontons still in though! And Kipper is getting goalie of the year.
Flames had a great year...really.

And - Neil Young is one of the greatest artists ever, I'll defend that to the death.

hilary m. said...

yep, kipper is great! I think iginla is a great player too.. but so inconsistent. they did have a satisfying year. I went to one of the games against st. louis, which they won. :).

and yes, neil young is indeed legendary. he definitely deserves the title.

Elron said...

I'm mourning for the Flames a bit myself ... but more for nostalgia about the Battle of Alberta, lol. It's a heresy for a Calgarian, I know, but I don't live there anymore, so ... GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO ... shoot me now ... LMFAO

hilary m. said...

oh yes, the battle of alberta. I can't imagine wearing my oiler's shirt on the street during that.. I'd get shot...

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Hilary,

I think that, truly, you have broken the ice of emotion.
Just kidding.
yeah, it's pretty sad to see them go, but i mean, when a team plays like that, something bad is expected to come.

But seriously,
Wearing your oilers shirt on the shirt is le ... not-so-smart because, you know, you would probably be beaten up by some middle aged hard-core hockey fan who practically worhips the Flames.

Like my dad.

But I hate to rant on such a topic. although it may sound sexist, no offense intended because i know that some people have that somewhat... sensitive side.

Which brings me back to your blog XD

Well, keep in touch my dear hilary.


hilary m. said...

why thank you mr. nigel.

much love.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've got Rufus's Chelsea Hotel #2. Shoot me an email if you'd like it. It's one of my all-time favourites.

You have exquisite taste in music by the way.

And I'm now rooting for the Oilers, but please keep that to yourself, as I don't want to have stuff hucked at me while going grocery shopping or something.

hilary m. said...

Ohh, that would be exquisite. I will most definitely email you for thaat. I pretty much adore Rufus, for his voice, musical talent, and charming good looks. hehe. : )

and.. suppose us Calgarians all have a secret thing for the Oiler's... we would never admit it though.

hilary m. said...

eeeh. I love it!!