Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Interview With Jian Ghomeshi (A Success, In My Honest Opinion)

I'm surprised that I'm not too excited to blog. Just got back from my interview with Jian Ghomeshi for Sounds Like Canada.

My dad drove me there, after I'd had a tea and tryed not to be nervous. We got to the CBC parking lot, took a couple pictures and went in. We were a couple minutes late, and we got escorted by a producer to the studio where the interview took place. My dad and the producer sat down in the studio, while I went to the recording place. Jian was a couple minutes late, but once he got there he just talked a bit about the Song Of The Day with me, which made me a lot less nervous. It was probably about the easiest conversation I'd had with someone I didn't really know.

So then we went on air, and I waited while he concluded the Song Of The Day, and introduced the Ulysses bit. Then the interview started. I'm not going to say much, but it was a blast. Jian is completly easy to talk to. I kinda felt bad though, cause I was a bit hard on him for being old. My friend Jenn will be ecstatic, because I mentioned her. So then I introduced the song, and it was over. I was talking with the producer and my dad, when Jian asked if I was still there and I made it over to the mic to talk with him a bit more. After that we made our way down the hallway and they gave me a couple of "The One" posters, with a big George Stroumboulopoulos on them, whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday George!

It was an awesome experience. And from now on, I will definitely refer to Jian as "dude" instead of "adult". Cause he is one cool dude. Seriously. (Even if I was a bit mean to him on air).

So everyone. Tune in tomorrow (Thursday). 10:00-11:30. CBC. My part will air around 11:10, after the Song Of The Day.


Barbara said...

Oh why do I have to be working at that time! I really want to hear that... By the way Jian is not old he is two years younger than I am...
and i aint old!!!
Did you talk about the blogs?

Barbara said...

Ya I know 'old people' are so touchy about their age... LOL

Alana said...

AWESOME!!! Go Hilary!

It sounds like you did a fantastic job, I would have been SO nervous! It's good Jian made things easier and more comfortable, I hope I can catch the interview so I can go, HEY, I KNOW THAT GIRL!!

Good job Hilary!!

Evelyne said...

I'm glad that the interview went well, good job! It's cool that Jian is an easy person to talk to, so you we're less nervous, I would have been so nervous!

hilary m. said...

That's too bad Barbara. But my dad's found a way to record it, and I promise to post it up here! Haha, yeah poor Jian, he's not that old. =)

I didn't get a chance to talk about the blogs, most of the questions were pretty Ulysses/Age-centric.

Thanks Alana! I was very nervous before the interview, but as soon as I started talking to Jian I wasn't too nervous anymore. He's a really cool dude. Haha, yah like I told Barbara, I'll try to post the interview ASAP.

I was very relieved once it began Evelyne, especially because it was so easy to talk to Jian. But I was probably just as nervous as you'd have been at the beginning!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay Hilary! Look how cute you look at the Ceebeecee!

If Jian is old, I must be long dead hahhar!
btw - I hated the song of the day today. Hate Wings! I hope tomorrow's is better.

hilary m. said...

At that point, I wasn't nervous anymore. So I was looking daarrn happy.

Poor Jian. I give him a hard time about his age. But gosh, he took things so personally. Hahaa, it was a great interview though.

You'll probably like tomorrow's better than today's Barbara.

Allison said...

Yeah! I'm so happy your interview went well Hilary, I'll make sure I tune in tomorrow before work, gotta love the West coast, you can catch the East coast thread!
I'm glad someone I know got to talk Ulysses with Jian :)

hilary m. said...

Yeah, I was thinking of listening to it early, just because I woke up way too early. But I'm not sure if it would reck the beauty of hearing myself on radio.

Probably not.
Thanks Allison!

Ariel S. Hyre said...

You rule! I can't wait to read the interview from your perspective. It is a testament to Jian's stellar personality that he didn't hate you after the age thing. =P

And you beat me. I'm 15, thought I was the youngest Ulysses tackler. Rock on, girl!

hilary m. said...

Yeah, he was faily tolerant with me Ariel. Jian's a great person to talk to, it was really a fun interview for me!

I thought I was the only one under 16 reading it! Awesome! What part are you at?

Allison said...

That was great, I made my household listen to it early in the morning!! My favourite line "No, I like you Jian, your a great dude." Very hilarious and highly entertaining :)
I'm still reading Ulysses, I may be only at page 300, but we can chat if ya want :)
Well done!

hilary m. said...

Thanks for the support Allison!
My radio self made me laugh. I'm glad it turned out so well, perhaps I should've called him "dude" more.

I'm at page 230 right now. I'm spending a lot of time reading it, I'm kinda proud of my progress. =)