Thursday, August 10, 2006

I had quite a boring day today, except for a few exceptions. I think I'm going to do them in bullet points, because I think bullet points are quite amazing, actually. I'm also going to bold the words I think are super-special.
  • Sounds Like Canada this morning featured "Poses" by Rufus Wainwright as the must music song of the day. I knew Jian would play it someday. I recorded some of what he said about it on my computer, and I'll brag about it to my mum when she gets home.
  • My neighbours cat let me pet it, for the first time in 8 years. Then it hissed at me.
  • My friend and I were having a discussion about CDs at Starbucks (yeah I'm a sucker for Starbucks, you can disapprove). I told her the most CDs I have bought from one artist are probably the Smiths, and the little dude who's always there was standing right by. So while we're drinking are fraputhingys, "William, It Was Really Nothing" starts playing. My theory is the little dude overheard, maybe it's just pure coincidence. It would've made my day except Jian Ghomeshi already did.
  • We couldn't rent our Cher movie at the video store, because the snobby, bald, loser wasn't excepting a name and phone number and I forgot the card. I hate when people are totally taciturn toward teenagers. That was a sweet alliteration!
  • I bought Ulysses at Chapters. Along with a magazine with Thom Yorke on the cover. There were about 4 of them. I bought the cheapest. I got Ulysses not because I actually believe I'm going to read almost 1000 pages of it by Labour Day. But because I think we need a copy of Ulysses in the house. I've read 4 pages so far. I optimistically hope to reach page 20 by the end of the night.
  • It rained. A lot.

That's it. My entire day, drained into a couple interesting points. The rest was me on the computer, or me walking around, or me doing the dishes and helping with supper.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

- Bullet points are highly underrated. Excellent idea for presentation.
- I may steal that idea one day.
- I was really happy to hear Poses get picked as well. Any Rufus song would make my day.
- "fraputhingys" is my favourite word for the day hahaha
- You own more Smiths cds because they made the most cds. That was nice of the barrista guy though.
- Which mag did you buy? If it was MOJO, check out the crazy group photo from the MOJO awards.

hilary m. said...

-I definitely agree Barbara
-It's funny, I read about putting your main points in bold in a "How To Make Your Blog Famous" article in Wired. I just thought it was a cool idea.
-I was super happy, and glad to hear Poses as the song. Although I've loved some of Jian's other picks.
-Fraputhings are soo tasty.
-They did, except I bought some of them only to gain 2 tracks. Which was a pity.
-SPIN. It was a couple bucks cheaper than the MOJO. Those silly UK Magazines and their high price-tags. I might just take a peek in the MOJO next time I see it though.

Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I quite enjoy Bullet points and Starbuck as well.

I just got back from camp, it was amazing! But just not the same without Nogatu. I did the Time Warp dance just for you. When will you have pictures from camp??

Miss you insanely!

hilary m. said...

Aww, thanks Em.

I'm glad that you had an awesome time at camp. And Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I should put the pictures up on my photobucket, but I'm so lazy and there's sooo many. I can send you a couple on msn if you want though.

Miss you too!


Allison said...

I love bullet points.
Good luck with Ulyssess, since I've been sick I've stalled on my reading, I'm around 200. I like it, but you just need the time, and I don't have it right now. Perhaps when I'm at home for a few weeks, we'll see.
Happy reading :)

hilary m. said...

Thanks, Allison. I need to speed up tonight, cause I didn't get any chance to read it today and I'm still on 60. I doubt I'll finish it. Maybe, if I'm bored enough. I'm hoping to get used to it, especially the stream-of-consciousness stuff, that happens every 2 pages.

Dominic R said...

so, how's it going with summer of my amazing luck? Miriam is my brother's sister-in-law (no, not my wife, the other one) so I got a copy right when it came out - was fun to read, especially since I'd lived in a housing co-op and could kinda related to the characters. Much different from complicated kindness...