Sunday, August 13, 2006

Blue Monday

Just an update regarding my last post. My dad owns a 12 inch 45 of "Blue Monday" by New Order, which was referred to in the film "24-Hour Party People". So we decided to play it this morning on my dad's super hi-fi record player and speakers. At really high volume. I was kind of surprised New Order wasn't playing in my basement, or I wasn't actually standing in the Hacienda at a live concert. It was amazing, although my nieghbours are probably a little confused about the loud bass noise wafting through the nieghbourhood. We also listened to a Pretenders 12 inch 45 and "Bela Lugosi is Dead" by Bauhaus on a 12 inch 45. It's amazing how much you miss when just listening to music on an iPod or on the radio.


Allison said...

That sounds great...I love New Order. And yes, I was just thinking about that the other day actually, and not only do you miss just listening with headphones, its not the greatest for your ears either :)
I need to get myself a record player, my dad won't let me steal his!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wish our stereo still worked. Jerry has a vinyl collection to rival your dad's (although much more blues oriented- I think I'd prefer your dad's). It would be great to hear some of those again with all the snaps and crackles.

It's great that your family enjoys the same music.

hilary m. said...

Headphones are pretty bad Allison, although my dads speakers might have hurt my ears even more. My headphones are pretty good quality and they block out noise well, so I don't have to listen to it at full volume. My brother has even better quality ones and he still listens to his iPod full volume.

Barbara, records are pretty much a whole different experience, I love the snaps and crackles of old blues music, definitely adds colour. My dad has quite a bit of blues, but a lot of everything else too.

It's funny, we kinda cross over. All of it is mostly liked. But some of us don't like certain genres. Like my brothers hair metal. And he doesn't like some of my uhh.. softer music? But we did get him to like the Smiths.

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

haha I'm feeling old reading that. I saw New Order in 1986 at Massey Hall in Toronto. :P I have their latest CD, they've managed to still keep making good music.

hilary m. said...

Yeah, green-tea they've managed a pretty long career! I wasn't alive for the first half of it though. =)