Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here are some carefully selected photos of my vacation, to make you think I had fun. Ah, just kidding I had a blast, I hope you'll enjoy them. I might post some more from our fishing trip, cause those are currently on my dad's camera.

The big tree. I forget if it's before Brandon or after Brandon. Well, it's in Manitoba.

Taking the "Nestea Plunge" at a grocery store in Portage La Prairie.

Entering One Great City...

The Marina where our boat is parked.

A fabulous sunset against the pines of our nieghbouring island.

Fireworks one night on the rock.

My brother, catching a pike.

The "World's Biggest Teepee" in Medicine Hat.

Strathmoore. My favourite town in the world.

And we're back home.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are fabulous photos. Ummm, didn't it hurt doing the Nestea challenge? Because I don't see a pool.

What a beautiful spot you were in. Cherish those days.

hilary m. said...

I took it a bit slower than in the commercials. There was this wierd little sign on the floor that said "take the nestea plunge" above a little pool-looking thing. Even if it was a really pool, it wouldn't have fit a cat.

It's really wonderful, I'm so excited to go back next year!

Allison said...

Awesome photos! The sunset picture is SO nice, and I love the firework one too.

Evelyne said...

Pretty cool photos the one of the sunset and the one of the firework are awesome! it seems that you had a lot of fun!

hilary m. said...

Thanks Allison!
The sunsets there are so beautiful and it happens almost every night. I really liked the fireworks too, my digital camera captured them really well.

hilary m. said...

Thankyou also Evelyne! Those two are probably my favourites too. I had a great time!

Alana said...

Holy cow, that sunset picture is astonishing! The colours are amazing, it looks wonderful. :)

I love the Nestea Plunge picture. I saw it and said "Ooooof!" out loud, imagining I had just plunked myself down on the floor, lol.

The pictures are great, Hilary! They all turned out really well!

hilary m. said...

Thanks Alana! That sunset was amazing, if not kinda scary. There was some fabulous sunsets, including a blood red one that I should probably post later.

Haha yeah, that was great. There are an amazing amount of photo oppurtunities at the Safeway in Portage La Prairie.

Anonymous said...

Just a tree? That tree thats "somewhere before of after Brandon" to you, is coveted by all Manitobans. It is the infamous "Halfway Tree" and it has been around for longer than you have, so please give the tree the respect it deserves...It's part of our heritage! It's beautiful and proud, vive le halfway tree!

hilary m. said...

I didn't know about the Halfway part!! You're right Anony, it does deserve respect. We watch it carefully though, as soon as we see it. It definitely is marvellous though. I will now definitely treat it with true respect and honor. I promise.