Monday, July 31, 2006

My brother would like to post On Why I Have a Blog/Our Fishing Excursion

"I'm Hilary and I have a blog"(Thats a fancy term for weblog). That's my impression of Hilary(get it?). I asked her why she has a blog. She tells me she doesn't know. I'm not a very good investigative reporter ;(. I guess I'm forced to make my own deductions.

So it's like this: Hilary has a blog and I like cutting fish open. Or not. I'm not very good at this. I guess thats why she has a blog and I don't. She wants me to say "we are in ontario and having fun". Which is no fun. No one would want to read a blog like that. At least I wouldn't. I would rather burn my own flesh than read crap like that. Anyways I'm in Ontario and having fun.

Peace, James (M.)


Sometimes visiting a cyber cafe is quite refreshing. Other times it's rather boring, after having spent the day doing interesting stuff you would do at a cottage. I feel a bit of pity for James, because I've spent the time here blogging and sending emails, while he watches. So I let him write something down. Maybe it was a bad idea. I'm not quite sure.

It's surprisingly hard to write about a vacation, especially when you're at a cottage because you're having a lot of fun but nothing really significant or interesting happens. We went on a "fishing" excursion yesterday. It was more of a "ing" excursion, because there weren't any fish involved. The fish we were catching are pickerel, or "Walleye". We weren't really catching them though, because as I mentioned previously there were no fish, therefore no catching. We spent a couple hours in the hot sun, before we came back to the island. After this we went swimming, which was very refreshing because of the heat. I decided to look under the dock with some goggles. I was looking around under there, at the weeds and stuff when I turn to the side and there's a fish staring at me, a few inches from my fish. So I go out with a rod and minnow and catch a Walleye under the dock, in less than thirty seconds. Soon I have another. And there's our supper. Walleye are probably the most tasty freshwater fish in my opinion. I'm a vegetarion. But I'm also a fisheatin' vegetarian, because I can't live without seafood. So we had fish for dinner that night. It was delicious. I caught another one under the dock today, so there's more dinner. This might sound utterly unimportant, but it was actually quite exciting. The moral of the story is: "Don't spend two hours fishing in the blistering heat when you can catch a bunch of perfectly nice Walleye's under the dock".

There we go.
I hope that I'll be able to post some pictures soon, Unfortunatly I haven't got the chance so far.

hilary m.


Hilary left out a detail. The only reason they were perfectly fine fish is because I'm such a master at filleting them. Actually not really. Too bad she couldn't do any of that work due to an unfortunate emotional attachment to "Sparky" and "Spanky". However, it was a good experience. I got to wack a fish on the head till it was dead (enough), and then cut a big piece of juicy meat off of the side. I swear it didn't make me gag or anything. Actually, if anything it made me hungry.



RC said...

how funny, i love your brothers thoughts.

--RC of

Allison said...

LOL. You sound exactly like me and my brother. Yeah, writing about cottage vacations when not to much happens, but its still fun is weird. But for those of us you can't get away (insert me) we enjoy reading that others are having fun :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I LOVE pickerel/walleye and there is nothing better than having someone around who will fillet them for you. James gets to bludgeon something and you get to eat! Best of both worlds!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

HAHAHA Hilary, did you send Jian an email telling him that your mom thinks he's hot? Because they read it today! (It was from Hilary M anyway)

Allison said...

I missed SLC today...*sigh*...well at least your email got read!

p.s. your word verification is killing me ;) is it just me, or is it getting harder. suppose i should find my glasses

Barbara said...

Lets all write Jian and tell him both 'we and our mothers' thing he is
I am sorry I missed that part.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh thank God, Allison - I thought I was the only one who got slaughtered by word verification. It makes me dyslexic!
And some of them are like 10 letters long!

And Barbara W - the Murph got slammed by the BNL guy!

Barbara said...

I wrote Jian this morning and a little later on he read Barbara B.s letter about finding the ultimate hippy Listen today if you can.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Really! Cool, thanks BW, I'll have to listen.

Hey Hilary, we are all hanging out at your place here. Where are you? And bring some chips.

Allison said...

Preferably Doritos ;)

and yes Barb B, my word verification is always like 15 letters long.

Barbara said...

I had word verification 5 letters long and I felt like I won the loto or something... lol
don't you hate when the j looks like it could be an i or a j and you get it wrong. Word verification is a nessisary evil though or the trolls leave the mechanical comments on each post...

Alana said...

Oh hey, that was really cool! I love how your brother would say something really positive and pro-self and then end it with "not really" or "or not", and "I would rather burn my own flesh than read crap like that" was disturbing and hilarious at the same time!

I'm glad you're having such a good time out there, and access to the internet cafe must be such a bonus!

Sadly, my Mom doesn't know who Jian is, but she DOES think Sean Connery is hot...*groan*

Oh, and I just lucked out with a 5 letter word verification. WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

Oh, James you sound so sexy in the person. I wish I were there when you had written it.

Sincerely, A Very Hot Girl.

hilary m. said...

Wooaaahh. Gee. I bought some chips for you guys in Medicine Hat, those alldressed ones that look like a stretched out accordian. I'm gonna have to go throught the entire bag replying to this.

here it goes.

rc, he has some excellent thoughts. And some are just kinda wierd. I should get him to help me post more often. It would be like.. "twin time". Or perhaps not..

You're right Allison, something wierd definitely happens when there's nothing to write about but you're having a great time. And I hope you'll be able to get away soon, you sound super busy. And don't worry, the word verification troubles me sometimes too, but I am highly annoyed by the spam comments. Err, it's a toss-up. Somedays I would like them both to nicely vanish into the horizon. Or, maybe all days.

Barbara B., we acquired another eight walleye (a fisherman friend gave us five, we caught three) soon after and had a couple of delicious fish meals. We even invented "Honey-Garlic Walleye". Thank god for James' filleting. And yes! That was me. It was something like "Don't worry Jian, my mum thinks you're the Persian Justin Trudeau". Cause that's what she said. We had a riot listening to that down on the dock. And, the very next day I heard about your encounter with the female hippy at the Calgary Folk Fest!

Hahaa, good idea Barbara W.! I'm sure there is a lot of mothers and daughters across Canada who can agree with that.

Alana, perhaps deep, deep down he is a modest and humble human being. Very deep. I guess that plus the arrogance I was catching there makes it pretty funny. Congrats on the word verification. I have a 6-letter one now, wish me luck.

And anonymous, if you were there you'd probably just see me fighting over a laptop with him at a cyber cafe playing terrible music. Not that interesting, or sexy.

hilary m. said...

I have just been informed that "anonymous" was James himself. I guess there's no hot girl after all.

So much for modesty, Alana.

Alana said...

LOL, Hilary!

At first I thought that anonymous comment was left by you in an attempt to disgruntle your brother, but him leaving it is equally as comical! You guys sound like great siblings.

And I have a 7 word verification now. I'm starting to think this is going to be some kind of competition soon! :P

hilary m. said...

Well, we do have quite a dynamic relationship Alana. I have 7 word too! It's a tie!

Barbara said...

I was not going to leave another comment but It's a five letter verification so I can't waste that!!
This is my last full day in Montreal so I am going out to have some smoked meat on rye with my parents. *sigh!*

hilary m. said...

Five letter! You're lucky. I got an eight letter. Hope you have a great day Barbara, and enjoy the smoked meat!

Hilarys brother. Yah thats my name. said...

omgawdz lolz mah verfictoin iz liek eaty 2 leyterz.iy gus i loos lawl.

Sincerely, James "Is that an i or a j" M.

oops. That was a j.
Man i'm bored.
Leaving comments on my sisters blog...
Shut up, I'm cooler than you. or you. or whatever.
omgwda fiev ltr vrfctn lawlz!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111ONEONEONEONEONEONEONE
I'm gonna to go play free games.

A person. said...

What a thoughtful comment.

hilary m. said...

James, I'm worrying that you're developing multiple personalities.

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