Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bye for now

Well, I'm heading off to camp for two weeks. So in less I find a sanctuary of beautiful computers, I'm not gonna be blogging anything. Or listening to any music. Listen to some music for me, will ya?

I'm pretty excited about it, meeting new friends and going on trips and stuff. At least I have some books to read. I have some book about a kid in a psychiatric ward in New York, my boating license manuel thingy and 1984. I'll probably start with the kid-in-NY book, then maybe my boating license. 1984 is just an extra that I'll probably read at home or my cottage. I just read a Brave New World, so this is the summer of prophetic, depressing books about the future. So, I'll seeya guess in a couple weeks or so.

much love,



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I miss you already, Hilary.

Have a great time at camp! Make some new friends, learn how to tie knots or something.

Allison said...

Have an awesome time at camp Hilary! And enjoy your books, 1984 is an great book.

Alana said...

Oooh, 1984. Hella creepy, but very good nonetheless.

I hope you have a wicked camp experience!! you really learn to tie knots there? Is it really that much like Girl Guides camp? :P

hilary m. said...

Hi Everyone!
I came back to civilization for a day, because of a funeral.

I've had some great fun though. We went rock climbing, which scared the shit out of me but it was excellent. Then we had a super fun canoe trip.

seeya later,

hilary m.