Saturday, July 15, 2006

My summer so far

I left for camp two weeks ago, and I'm very sure a lot has happened to me since then.
The first week was basically learning to climb and belay well, and to river canoe well. We spent two days at Wasooch and Heart Creek rock climbing. It was something I'd never experienced before and I really liked it. I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of heights so I was kinda scared to get lowered down off the huge rock wall. After that we went on our canoe trip, from Ghost Dam to Cochrane. I love river canoeinng, so this was a lot of fun. We got to stop at a lagoon-y area, with cliffs to jump off. Once we found our camping spot, there was a huge hail storm and I found myself hiding under a drooping tarp with everyone else in my group. Five minutes later the sky was sunny and beautiful, ahh Alberta weather. Here's some pictures from the first week.

The next week we went on our four day hike, which basically was carrying a huge backpack up a mountain pass, and yelling "YO BEAR" every ten seconds. There was a really cool cabin on the second day of our hike, that was abandoned and adopted by the hikers and horseback riders. It had a couple bunks and a whole bunch of old food, that you were free to take. We wrote our names down in the guest book. We walked by a horse ranch the third day, called "Anchor D". I found their website! The ranch and the cabin were the only civilization we saw, until we reached the campground on the third night. Which had composting toilets and old people. It was a fun hike though. Unfortunatly, my camera broke *weeps softly* before I left, so I didn't get any pictures at all. I'm crossing my fingers it's fixable. I have such bad luck with camera's.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to my cabin. It's a 15 hour car ride. I'll probably be staying in Moose Jaw tomorrow night, instead of Moosimin at the Bates Hotel. Okay. So it wasn't the Bates Hotel. But it smelt bad. Then we'll drive to Winnipeg, get groceries and stuff you can get in Winnipeg. Then three and a half hours and I'm there! I'll be at my cabin for 3 weeks. I love it there. We have our own island (It's very small, and it's been in the family for years) 1 kilometre from the town. I love the privacy of it. It's not necessarily as outdoors as camp, but we only have electricity at night. Which means no phone, TV, computer..microwave. Our water comes from the lake, and our drinking water comes in bottles. It's not like I'm that much of an outdoors person, but after the stress of the school year it's great to get outside and just be away from everything. I'm really looking forward to it.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a great summer you are having (well except for the camera part, and in our family breaking the camera is a requisite part of summer).

The cabinning part sounds much more my style. You are in the Whiteshell, I assume. I love it there and I really miss the shield sometimes.


Alana said...

My god, you're brave! You couldn't have payed me to rockclimb like you did, good job girl!

So you're venturing through Winnipeg hey? I hope you enjoy our incessantly gross heat streak we're having, and our abundance of mosquitos. Also, stop by a 7-11, pick up a slurpee, and help us celebrate our 7th consecutive year of being the slurpee capital of the world (seriously).

Glad to hear you're having such an awesome summer so far! It's fun reading about them, so you must be having a blast! :)

hilary m. said...

It's been excellent Barbara! At least now I have one camera in repairs, and one out of repairs so I can take plenty more pictures!

We're a bit further out than Whiteshell. Actually, we're in very western Ontario. Have you heard of Kenora? Lots of people have cabins on Lake of The Woods, but ours is further north near a little town called "Minaki". Still the same beautiful shield country. Our islands basically a little granite slab with white pines.

Haha Alana, and you don't realize how scared I was up there. The wave and the pose is just covering my fear.

Oh the mosquitoes. Thankfully we have an island, which means there's a little less. Still...

I've never had a slurpee in Winnipeg! I'll try to have one. It might refresh me a bit cause of the heat. My mum said she saw the forecast was 42 in Kenora, then she realized it was a misprint. But 32 is still pretty damn hot.

Allison said...

I wonder what life is like without a're brave!
I know a couple of people from Kenora, I went to school with them...they are an interesting bunch and I've heard some crazy stories. I'm from the opposite side of Ontario SW, and the farthest North I've ever been is Ottawa. But your island oasis sounds very appealing.
Hope you have a great 3 weeks, I look forward to seeing pictures when you get back :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been to Minaki a few times. I love that area. Do they still have the big lodge there?

Alana - I heard about Winnipeg's long running slurpee streak. Right on!

hilary m. said...

I'll try to survive without one Allison! Kenora's an interesting town, definitely has an eclectic bunch of people. I've never really ventured to southern Ontario, except to Ottawa when I was ten. But the north and south are so different. I'd like to go to Muskoka some time though. And I'll make sure to take some nice pictures for you guys with my working camera!

Wow, that's amazing Barbara! I'm not sure if I've ever met anyone from Calgary who's been to Minaki. Well... we did get asked about it by a couple of people who saw our license plate "MNAKI". It really is beautiful there, I love our little island.

There was a big, beautiful lodge. Just after they renovated it and it got new owners, it was burned down. There's a couple different opinions on that fire, depending on who you ask. It was on the cover of the Globe and Mail though!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I grew up in Winnipeg, Hilary, hence the familiarity with the area. You are right that northern and southern Ontario are so different (Ontario is a huge mofo province). I remember talk about northwestern Ontario wanting to join Manitoba, as they felt a closer allegiance to it than to the rest of Ontario.
I remember the lodge fire now and had always assumed it was rebuilt. That's a shame.

hilary m. said...

Ahh, I get it now. Kenora still thinks that it's in Manitoba. A lot of people actually want the town to officially be in Manitoba. Yes, it was a beautiful building, a big part of the history in that area.

Alana said...

Hilary, you totally need to land yourself a slurpee. SOOOO GOOOOOD. Maybe a Dr.Pepper slurpee, my favorite. :) Although Winnipeg doesn't need heat to drink them, apparently each 7-11 here sells on average 200 slurpees a day, even when it's -30 in January.

And I bet you were scared up on that rock, but you got through it, which is more than I could say! That's so awesome...

I know quite a few people from Kenora as well, it's SOOO beautiful there, the scenery is incredible! I hope you have a fantastic time out there, and I expect a whole bunch of pictures from your recently repaired camera!

hilary m. said...

Ugh, I've been to Winnipeg twice and have yet to buy a slurpee. It's a disgrace. I think I'll try to get one on the way back. It was very hot there the last time I went. Although I spent an hour and a half in a nicely air-conditioned airport, watching youths in matching kharki fighting for thier baggage.

It's really nice out here, especially because of the weather. We have a nice breeze on the island so it's not too hot.

Anonymous said...

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