Friday, July 28, 2006

Lack of technology never felt this good!

You might be wondering about the title, considering I'm typing on a computer and I seem to be communicating using this wonderous piece of technology. Really I'm just utilizing the wireless internet at a cyber cafe, so it's all good. I've been spending the past couple of weeks on my lovely little island, in the middle of a lake in Northwestern Ontario.

It's great to spend time totally away from-dare I say it-technology. And in a lovely setting. I can swim every day, listen to music, read or just kind of sit there savouring the precious amount of time I am free to spend. The only connection with the "real" world is the radio, which is on quite a lot. My dad bought Sirius, which is even cooler than I realized. There's a very nice, eclectic variety of stations we get. A lot of them are really good. Unlike this crap that's coming from the speakers in the cyber cafe. Oh, and of course we have our CBC.

I have a morning routine going on now. Wake up at 9. Have a bowl of Froot-Loops (yumyum). Turn Thunder Bay CBC on at 10. Listen to Sounds Like Canada and wish that I had a computer to send numerous emails to Jian Ghomeshi. I spend the rest of the day either lounging or swimming, or a combination of both.

So last week on SLC, I heard that Jian was a big Who fan and wanted to go to one of the concerts on their latest tour. Next time I called my dad, I persuaded him to offer Jian two of the fourth row Who tickets we very luckily scored. He hasn't responded yet! I sent an email to Chris Murphy aka Dr. Shrugs that asked if he could help me with my grief associated with Jian snubbing our offer. I'll be pretty sad if he doesn't reply to that also!

Hope everyone is having a good summer, and listening to music a lot better than this country crap that I have to bear. And I hope no one else is getting rudely ignored by Jian Ghomeshi (I understand he gets myriads of emails, but geee).

hilary m.


Allison said...

Sounds like your vacation is going great. I too spend my time listening to SLC in the mornings. I hope you get your email read soon. A few weeks back the producers contacted me to come in and be part of a panel discussion on Ulysses, so far I couldn't do it, work and such. But I'm hoping for next week :) But we'll see. Regardless, I love SLC in the morning.
I thought this weeks Dr. Shrugs was great...the ending, when both Jian and Chris couldn't stop saying goodbye. Great. I hope your email gets answered, I'll be listening!!

Barbara said...

Your best bet to contact Jian is through Ashley on
Just ask her to pass along the message...

hilary m. said...

Yah, it's great. I can sit and listen to SLC on the dock, with the gulls flying above me, and the morning sun shining. That would be awesome, I'll watch for you. I though about picking up Ulysses, because of the enormous amount of spare time I have but I've yet to do so. I'm loving Dr. Shrugs and definitely looking forward to this weeks installment. Sabrina Jalees this morning was priceless too. I love the correspondents.

I'll be listening too, and hoping that out of luck my email will be plucked from a myriad of different emails, and Jian will accept our offer to go to the Who concert. I can always dream..

Thanks for the tip Barbara, I'll try that after Wednesday.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You sound like you are spending the summer in heaven, and the way you describe it, I feel like I'm sitting on your dock, sipping a morning coffee and listening to SLC with you.
Thanks, I needed that.
And Allison - how cool is that, getting contacted about Ulysses? Neato!
That Jian better get his shit together, is all I have to say, if he's going to pass up a chance to see the Who with you guys.

hilary m. said...

It's awesome, Barbara. You're right, just picturing it is a stress-reliever. I need to make note of that for the school year.

Oh, he should. Fourth row too!! Jian couldn't do any better, even if he's the persian Justin Trudeau.

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