Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lost in time, Lost in space


Rocky Horror last night was very excellent, and I have a feeling that this is gonna be another blog with pictures.

I was Columbia-in-pajamas and my friend was Magenta. I basically wore lotsa cosmetics, managed to straighten my hair, had flannel pj's and mouse ears for the final touch. I was pretty proud of my costume.

We compiled all of our participation items that afternoon, and we were ready (pretty much) for whatever hit us. This was the first time either of us had attended, so we weren't able to say any lines, besides yelling "ASSHOLE and SLUT" when we heard Brad Majors or Janet Weiss and making a few cracks at the criminologist's neck, or lack thereof. Some of the people in the audience were very experienced in back lines.
Participating in the movie was super fun. Why would you not want to throw toast and toilet paper in a movie theatre? By the end I had toast around my feet, confetti on my lap, rice in my hair and toilet paper and cards all around me. And I think I might've lost my rubber gloves.

During the song "Eddie" I lent the shadowcast Columbia my ears. I think she was pretty grateful. Hilary: "Have my ears" Columbia: "Ohhhh thanks" (wears ears for Eddie song) Columbia: "Thanks Babe" Hilary: "Uhh..Thankyou?". I'm pretty lame. But I was good enough to go up to the stage during the Time Warp and dance, which was awesome. Overall, it was just a great experience and I'd love to go again!


alice said...

darling you actualli may look like her. i miss you soo muchxoxoxoxox

hilary m. said...

Aww Alice.
You are the greatest.

I hope you have so much fun in Cyprus.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am so proud! sniff! Another generation tackles RHPS. Isn't it just the most fun? I used to attend in university all the time (as Magenta of course, have you SEEN my hair?)
I'm so glad you had a blast!

hilary m. said...

Thanks Barbara!

You'd be a pretty great Magenta, with the hair. It's such an awesome experience, I really want to go again now.