Saturday, June 24, 2006

Poor Worm.

I'll entertain everyone with yet another video clip. Sorry, I have been posting a lot of them lately. Maybe because I'm lazy, or just cause I've found some interesting things to capture. This is what happens when a worm gets in my flowers:

by the way, does anybody know why they always but "For Better Or For Worse" comics in every single English exam? It's super annoying. Also. Has anyone read the comic, "Girls and Sports"? It's probably the worst excuse for writing I've ever seen. Yuck.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Man, you are the arch nemesis of little green worms!
Girls and Sports is pretty awful but still not as bad as BC or Garfield or Family Circus, well I could go on and on...

hilary m. said...

I'm planning to steal all of them off the trees, and unleash them all on the sink of death. But maybe PETA will get me by then. The funny thing is, I'm a vegetarian. But I have no sympathy for those tree-eating worms.

Don't get me started on BC.
Or Family Circus.
If those Family Circus children were alive I would seek them out, and possibly hurt them. Amd their mummy. And their grandma with no pupils.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha I never realised the grandma had no pupils! She is so creepy - her and that dead husband. ewww.

hilary m. said...

The guy in the clouds.
And they always refer to him.
Then they show him looking down at them. I'm not sure about that dude..