Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Clouds Scare Me

This afternoon was lovely. Clear blue skies with cute little white puffy clouds. It was a good day too, perfect weather for the last day of school. Today, we basically just watched movies. Like Harry Potter. Which is the only movie we watch at school. Seriously. Well, in humanities we were watching Stand By Me, which is excellent times one trillion. I love Stand By Me. Did anyone notice how hot Kiefer Sutherland was when he was younger? He had that blonde, bad boy image. In Lost Boys too. Too bad he got old. Anyways. It was a fun day. Although it's not really the end of school, we have to come in for four exams. So, I had a nice walk home with my friend after much yearbook signing, and we stopped at the coffee shop for a smoothie (because of the heat).

After I came home, I decided to come with my mum to the farmers market. While we were buying our Kettle Korn and Tzatziki, we noticed the already dark, looming clouds were spiraling super fast. After chatting with the helium-balloon filler (I got a red one) about tornadoes, we were ready to leave. I had a huge phobia of tornadoes when I was really little, I remember getting scared at the slightest bit of wind. My mother sometimes had to come in my room at 4am and reassure me that there was no tornado. I'm definitely past that, but if I was at that stage I would've been bawling. I don't think it was a tornado, but when there are dark clouds (apparently they're supposed to be greenish) spiraling directly above you, it makes you feel like going inside. So we went back home. Just as soon as we got there, it began to rain. The clouds were still moving pretty fast outside. Then it got harder and harder. Really, really hard. After a while, the rain turned into hail. It was some pretty scary weather. I have a video clip to show the progression, unfortunately it's really bad quality. You don't have to watch the entire clip, cause it's kind of boring but take note of how fast the weather changes. I've sped it up double, so don't watch it if you get dizzy easily.

By the way, the song is "Oh" by Sleater-Kinney. And YouTube always picks the worst part of the movie to display at the beginning.


Barbara said...

"Did anyone notice how hot Kiefer Sutherland was when he was younger? He had that blonde, bad boy image. In Lost Boys too. Too bad he got old. Anyways."
Too bad any of us get
Me, I love a good storm.
The wilder the better.

hilary m. said...

Haha, yes. But some people age well, like George Clooney. Kiefer Sutherland has that old-man bachelor hard partier look. It was quite a bit more appealing when he was younger.

The storm was quite exciting. I was a bit sad that one of those tornado looking things didn't land. Although maybe that would've been very scary.

Allison said...

I actually like Kiefer way more now, I think it has to do with my love of "24". But 'Stand By Me' is an awesome movie.
I love your choice of music, totally fits the clip, and I enjoyed the jerky camera movement, adds to the craziness of the weather. Sorry - started to go a little film school on ya ;)

hilary m. said...

I was so glad we got to watch Stand By Me in class, it's such a good movie. I've only seen 24 once or twice, and I liked Kiefer in it. But he is still much more attractive as a youngin'.

Haha, thanks. I love picking music to go along with video clips. I was thinking of something fast-paced, but not too optimistic sounding. That song was the first that came to mind.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Weird - we didn't get any of that weather in the SE - it didn't even get cloudy here. (God lives in Lake Bonavista, don't you know)

Stand By Me was a great film. I was always taken with River Phoenix. He was a really compelling young actor, till he OD'd - the stupid asshole.

hilary m. said...

That's really funny!! There must've been some clouds..
Cause the weather was crazy on the North side of the river. Silly Calgary. It's way too big.

Err.. yes. He could've been the next Johnny Depp. He was so cute in that movie too.