Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I feel so much lighter.

Exams are done!!!
I always hate having to go into school after school is over, and the stress of studying. So when school ended I didn't really think of it as the ending. More like the beginning of cramming, stress, and cafeteria's full of 150 agitated eighth graders. I think I did pretty good on my exams. The English exam was stupid, way too subjective. Social was long and trivial. Math was pretty easy, I'm confident about Pure 10 next year. Science, which I took today was OK. I'm not sure how I'll do. We go into school once more for our report cards and an assembly. I got some letter in the mail about a "special award" or something. I seriously hope it's not too embarrassing. All in all, it's a huge weight lifted of my back.

And I got an email from the Herald today, asking for parental permission to publish the letter I sent. Yah, it's getting published in the paper. Which makes me nervous, because it's a really lame letter. Oh well. I'm gonna be checking for it tomorrow or the day after.

Literally, I feel a lot lighter because I just got half my hair chopped off. I went to the hairdresser's, and just kinda asked my hairdresser Greg if he'd cut it down a whole bunch. And now a lot of it is gone. He's really good, and I like it a lot. Here is a before and after picture.


I look really grumpy...


It looks quite a bit longer than it actually is, probably the angle. Well, it feels a lot lighter and it will definitely be good for summer.



Alana said...

That is SUCH a cute haircut, Hilary! It looks really good, you should totally keep it like that. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That looks great! Perfect for the summer. Alana's right - you should hang onto that cut.

I definitely have to read all the letters in the Herald now. How cool is that, having your letter published?

hilary m. said...

Thanks Alana and Barbara! I really like it. It's gonna be sooo great for the summer.

I hope it'll come out tomorrow or Thursday. The reply I got was "we'd love to publish it, but we need parental consent", which my mum quickly obliged. I hope the letter sounds okay, it's pretty short.

Allison said...

Aw, that is a great haircut! The bloggers have spoken, keep the cut ;)

hilary m. said...

I totally agree with you guys, and everyone else who's approved of it. After all, if all the bloggers agree how can it not be fabulous?