Sunday, June 04, 2006

I reorganized my dads record collection..

And lived to tell the tale!!
yikes, sometimes I question my sanity. Yesterday it happened numerous times. It was the day I decided to do the 30 hour famine. So I wasn't eating the entire day. During that time, I decided to have a "fun" little activity that diverted me from the fact I hadn't ate for 20 hours. I'm not sure it was the best diversion, because after about an hour it seemed like slave labor. So it seemed pretty easy. I had an awesome plan, that I thought was quite efficient.

1. Make sheets of paper with every letter of the alphabet, plus "soundtrack" and "compilation" .
2. Build piles of records for each sheet, until all the records are sorted alphabetically on the floor.
3. Sort the artists alphabetically within their letter.
4. Put it up on the shelves.

The plan basically went through, just took 4 hours more than I expected. I think that walking around the room with a huge stack of records, depositing them into piles was even more exercise than lifting weight whilst on the treadmill. Well, it seemed that way to me. I don't think the next step was that beneficial to my future, because now I'm going to have a bad back. Basically, you sit on the floor with one record and put the rest of the pile around it alphabetically, according to that record. It requires a lot of reaching. I also participated in this whilst watching a movie, so I think that I was focussing more on Springsteen, The Smiths, Spirit of the West, Sly and the Family Stone than Transamerica. In the morning, we put them on the shelves. Which was a feat, considering that all we'd had to eat in 40 hours was a bag of green apple flavoured licorices. Finally the task was completed and my friend left, probably never to come back again. It was quite the experience, but definitely worth it. And now I have a better knowledge of my dads music taste.

Partway through the stacking process. I'm in the middle with Meat is Murder.

More partway through the stacking process. And that GIGANTIC TV my dad bought.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

But look at the size of the tv you got to watch!!!

You dad has quite a collection. Actually my husband's got a tonne of vinyl as well, just nothing to play it on anymore. But you have to love the cover art on the big albums.
You're a good daughter.

hilary m. said...

I secretly love that big old TV.
It makes the hot a whole lot hotter.

Yeah, that was only part of it too! He bought a really nice record player and some speakers for "High Fidelity". My family is just a bunch of technology nerds.

I love the cover art! It made sorting them a whole lot more fun.

Melissa said...


You're a dork.
I'm too lazy to organize my dad's record collection =)

hilary m. said...

I am a dork.

but it was kind of fun.

a little..