Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Utopia = No long term Humanities assignments

So we have a huge longterm assignment in Humanities about Utopias. I swear we spend half a year on the damn things, which I don't think could even exist. I don't think that studying Utopias is a bad thing, there are lots of great books you can read, lots of interesting theories. But for the whole month, till December! Arrr. So we had an hour long discussion in class about Utopias. I think I contribute too much... We had to choose from a society built on control of peoples choice, or complete freedom to make your own choices. I chose the freedom, most people did. It's interesting how all the people in our class prefer anarchy over totalitarianism. I don't think that either could work without becoming a dystopia. Utopias, pah. I like our world, it's interesting. What would your perfect world be? Or are you happy now? Do you think finishing a whole bunch related of webs and essays over 9 weeks is fun? That's one thing I'm certainly not certain about.

And in other news (probably not Utopia related), Season 3 of the Hour. Watched it on the main network at 11. Different set, a little shinier, scribbly black-and-white format (looks pretty cool), same George (I'm pretty sure). It was entertaining as always. Interesting guests, some Belinda (she sounded more articulate than I thought, sorry Belinda), umm that guy who directs Monty Python and weird crime scene guy who talks about getting saved from wolf-death. My mum had to look away during the crime scene thing. Me, I love bloody intestines and rotting corpses. Just kidding! Speaking of the Hour, I would like to make a comment about the website. I really like the writing of the person who writes on the pictures. It is rad. I hope it's not a font, I'd like to meet the person who does it. I wish I could write like that, on a computer. Good for you, writing-manorwoman!

That's some cool writing.

This Is Belinda Stronach Doing An Interview.

Now tonight I will watch Rick Mercer dive naked into chilly lakes with a Liberal Leadership hopeful.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

They pixelated their bums!

Don't you think that the new schedule for The Hour reeks? 6 and 11? It really doesn't work for me and that makes me sad. I may just have to read the writing on the website.

Evelyne said...

Utopias might be an interesting subject but not for that long...

And i really like The Hour so far, but I don't know but George seems to be different (in a good way). And I love the new set and the black and white format.

hilary m. said...

I know! I've seen plenty a-bum before... maybe CBC just can't take bums. I do Barbara! It's either supper hour, or the time we go out after supper or else when I probably should be getting ready to sleep if I don't want to fall asleep in math (for some reason, I usually need 7-8 hours of sleep). It's really too bad they chose those times. I'd love them to sneak another episode on Newsworld at 8.

I agree Evelyne, I was pretty optimistic at first about doing Utopias... but I don't think I can focus on it until December.

I think the Hour has improved, George is really impressing me right now. The format is great though!