Saturday, October 28, 2006

Strombo in Calgary!

So today, as many of y'all know, I was at the Calgary Career Fair explaining to people how to become a roughneck etc...

But that's not it!
There's a twist!
Our friend George Stroumboulopoulos was giving a speech on this very day! At that very career fair. Now, I've seen George a couple times before, it's always a pleasure to hear him speak, and say hi. I was at the Career Fair around 10:30, to help my parents. I hung around, tried to help some people, checked out my camera, realized it had no batteries. No batteries! And there wasn't a AA in the entire place. So we took the c-train downtown, where there's plenty of convenience stores. East downtown Calgary is unfortunatly a place where a lot of poverty occurs, and unfortunatly somewhere far away from a reflection on the rearview mirror of an expensive Corvette belonging to someone very wealthy. This economic inequality disturbs me, especially since a lot of people aren't aware situations like this are going on. Maybe it's hypocritical, but I'm certainly not a bazillionare and I do care and I want people to care. Calgary is a very polarized city right now, what's happening to the happy middle?

So I got my batteries, and we headed back on the c-train (though we caught the wrong train so we had to go back downtown). When we were finally back at the show, I was able to catch the entire career-fashion show thing... not my type of affair, but I got excellent seats for George. So George comes on, being friendly with everyone etc., etc... And he does his talky thing about himself, which is always interesting to me. Then people asked the questions. I've seen him speak 3 times (including the Hour), and this time was the one that I could really relate to (maybe because it was a career show, and people asked questions about kids). He was funny too, and it was interesting to hear his opinions on the media around the world, especially from an insider. Kinda like a show George said he watched... Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Kay, never watched it. Partly cause I had a bad experience with Matthew Perry, hey I'll tell you about that one time. One thing unique to hearing George speak, is that you get his true opinions, which makes listening to him very real, it also seems like he's really comfortable talking to us, but he's not bullshiting anyone or wanting to impress anyone. I asked if George, Jian and Rick hang out, have bridge nights on Wednesdays etc... I always have very random questions for people. Soon the presentations were over, and people were lined up.

I'm a pretty outgoing person, I enjoy talking to people and I like hearing from people. But I really appreciate how George spent all the time after the show, talking to each person who wanted to be talked to, letting him know that he cared. For a kid like me, (and I know there were others out there) it's so cool to get a chance to have a discussion with someone you look up to, and someone so down to earth. I chatted with George for a bit, introduced him to my twin, got a picture, got him to sign my postcard. Like I've said before blahblahblah, he was nice, real, friendly, etc., etc..

I let him know that my parents had a booth at the career show, and after he dropped by to say hi to us, which was really nice. George met my mum, and talked to us a bit, I told him I was really happy that he mentioned Martha Wainwright when he was talking about Canadian music, and we chatted about Wainwrights and the Leonard Cohen movie. I think my mum was trying to recruit him to talk about rig technicians on the Hour, heehee. I told him about my dad (who wasn't there right then), and how he was the one who inspired me to love music. Then my dad comes up and shakes his and and asks him if he wanted to be a roughneck. I'm not sure George was to keen on being a roughneck, but we talked more about music and politics (two things that interest both me and my dad). George looked at my iPod, I was listening to "Eli the Barrow Boy" (yay, Decemberists!) and checked out my bling case. Yah, it's a bling case. I talked a bit about the blogs, and asked if he reads them or not, etc. It was cool to talk to him, especially cause my whole family got a chance to meet him.

The thing about George, is that after a while it just felt like I was talking to a person who interested me, someone who had views on things that engaged me. Which is exactly who George is. I forgot that he really was someone in the public eye, until he said something like "yeah, that Beck interview was the best I've had with him". George is great at interacting with the people. It's probably the most important thing for someone in the media today to do.

ps. Rocky Horror tonight! I'm digging all of my Rocky Horror stuff out of the bag I got at the "Time Warp, Music Store and More" in Moose Jaw. To bad it shut down on my way back from Ontario. And... yet again, I'm Columbia-in-pyjamas.


Evelyne said...

It seems that it was really fun... and wow, it you talked a lot with George ot os really cool!!! I'd like to see him talk about things like that... can't wait to see pictures! ;-)

hilary m. said...

It was a lot of fun!
At the end I was pretty tired, but it was completly worth it. George is very interesting to talk to. I'd love to spend an hour talking to him about music.

Allison said...

Great post Hilary...did you get an answer to the wednesday night bridge question? ;P

I'm going to ask the others, but I think we should link your post on the Strombo blog.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sounds like you had such a fun day Hilary,and what a great post you've written about it. George is always such a great guy to chat to.

I think it's a great idea to link you post, as Allison suggested.

Melissa said...

I remember when we went to see Matthew Perry... And he had bedhead and was all grumpy... And then we waited for an hour and they made the other car drive in front just so we couldn't even wave to him. So shut down! That actually really did kinda suck...

Barbara said...

I never get tired of hearing about the great experiences people have talking to George. That's very cool Hilary. Did you want to be linked?

hilary m. said...

I did get an answer! George doesn't actually play bridge, but he does play poker sometimes... and he hangs out with Jian and Rick.

Sure Allison! Sounds good to me.

I had a really great day Barbara, it was even better because I went to Rocky Horror last night (I'll post about that later). He is great to talk to.

Yah, Matthew gave us a dirty look. I think he thought we were paparazzi. Oooh, 13-year old girls. Scary! And that mean Irish security guard... gawsh. That was so evil, driving the other car in front. It was still kinda fun to see the film crew in front of our school.

Yeah Barbara, he's really great with people! I would like to be linked, that's great.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i was at the Career show too! i was actulyl sitting right behind you..well not actully, you were like two seats over. My brother was the one who so tactfully asked why George doesnt cheer for a better hockey team...

i also got to talk with George after the show, as well as i talked to him when I saw him in here for The Hour. I agree with you. He's so interesting to talk to. He cares so much for what he talks about, and hes smart.

I had the same problem as you did, regarding cameras..but i noticed mine when i was at home. I went out and bought batteries, and put them in my pocket, but forgot to put my camera in there!

cant wait to see your pictures, because there probably really close to what my view was like!

Anonymous said...

y'all are so lucky. i have to work up the schedule to go see a taping of The Hour.sighs***


hilary m. said...

I so remember your brother. I probably looked back then. His question was pretty funny, but I was like ohhhh.

Yeah, it's great that he puts so much effort into his fans. I'm never disappointed, each time I see George.

Uggh. That's really too bad. One day, I went upstairs to get a sweater, took my backpack off and forgot to put it back on. I had to spend the rest of the day explaining the abscence of my homework to skeptical teachers.

We were pretty close, weren't we!

Aww, that's too bad Tammy. I hope you get to see one soon!

SABRINA said...

hey girl my name is SABRINA : i too met GEORGE and talked to you about work and other things. so much fun i don't even know if it would've been ok ,but i wanted to hug both you and GEORGE [ i love to share hugs ] anyway happy to have met you and shared the experience of having met GEORGE. hey did you see the interview with JOSH GROBAN? [ love him too ] wow just saw that on the net here. anyway here's a computer hug >:D< good luck with the soccer photo jurnalist thing. take care ttfn

hilary m. said...

Hi Sabrina,
I'm glad you had a good time meeting George. I did see the Josh Groban interview, he's very cute. I'm not the soccer/photojournalism kid, (I know her) but I will give you an internet hug. =)

J said...

Hey Hilary!!
Your comments are dead on about George. He is a totally chill guy.

I am glad to have met you.

She's Crafty said...

Great post Hilary.
George is so much how you described him such a sweet and genuine guy. I have had the opportunity to meet him twice at filmings of the Hour in Vancouver.
He never fails to impress with his candor. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Good on you!

hilary m. said...

Hi Janna!
It was cool to see you too (I'm pretty weird in person though). I'm glad you thought my account of George was accurate, it was good to see him.

Thanks Serah.
I think George might have mentioned you when we were talking. At least he did mention a Sarah who used to work for something to do with David Suzuki, but I don't know. It's always great to talk to him and I'm so glad I got a chance this weekend.