Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In French Class (Nikki Is Rad)

I'm typing this in french class, I probably should be shutting my computer down soon, or taking notes in french on soccer...

Today's been pretty good. I got a new hair dryer, as opposed to my mum's 30year old one. My hair is showing significant improvement. I also finished presenting my monologue in Performing Arts, from the beginning of a book called "A Complicated Kindness". I don't like how people refuse to give you a comment that doesn't have something negative in it. It always needs to include something negative. I swear, I didn't hear one purely positive comment from anyone's monologue. People said I was grumbly, and strung my sentences together too much. And that there wasn't enough action. Well. Next time I'll try to include more action into a monologue where the person is explaining how they feel, and no, not about fighter jets or ninjas. And my performing arts teacher doesn't really understand 14yearolds yet. Our previous teacher, who was great, is on maternity leave so we get someone who hasn't taught drama to kids older than 7... no offense. And he doesn't really know how to discipline us either. You know, those teachers who are really strict but never seem to have a handle on class? Why, you ask me? Probably because they've treated the students with no respect, and they don't get any respect back. Oh well, I hope he'll learn, as most new teachers do.

PS. The most cool girl in my French class told me to write that as a title. =)

(This wasn't written in French class)
I just dyed my hair, reaally red. So red it looks unnatural. Although, it doesn't look bad, because it isn't faded or inconsistent. It'll be fun for a couple weeks before it fades to orange. I promise (kinda promise), to post pictures of the new hair, and perhaps even my room, if blogger would be cooperative. I still haven't completly got the finishing touches on the room though...

And, I'm swamped by Humanities homework. We're supposed to make a web that defines a Utopia, with a number of different ideas... sounds easy enough. Unfortunatly, I can't get a grasp on it, and I've been procrastinating until today (it's due tomorrow). Hopefully I can get some creative inspiration, if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear 'em (Okay... so I probably shouldn't be using my blog for homework purposes, that would make it horribly boring). Then there's the math... I hate geometry. I know the ideas, but somehow I always make one simple mistake, or round my way into a wrong answer. Enough of school, it's so boring.

I hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday. Not my favourite day of the week, but it has to happen some time.


Allison said...

Phew, you've exhausted me just reading what you have to do, and I'm just starting my day! I wish you luck on your Utopia assignment, I'm not sure if they date of the entry is right, so I don't know if the due date has already passed??

In film we have to always give both good and bad criticism, I always find it really helpful, but as you pointed out your teacher doesn't sound the greatest, so if there isn't any direction to the discussion that never helps.

Oh, post some pics of this new hair/room! Its amazing what a new hair dryer will do eh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad.

A monologue from a favourite book of mine! I would have given you an A+++, I am sure.

I'm looking forward to the photos of the unnaturally red hair, and have been holding my breath waiting for the photos of the newly painted room, and I am starting to get dizzy.

I'm sorry I have no suggestions for Utopia. Now, isn't that a sad statement?

hilary m. said...

Thanks Allison. I managed to finish it, and I actually kinda liked the finished product... but after I got to school, I'm pretty sure I dropped it on the floor or in the office when I was signing in late, because I was carrying a whole bunch of stuff... so now I have to find it or do it again. Uggghhh.

Yeah, the criticism we get is usually pretty unconstructive, it's too bad. Our teacher last year was a lot better at this.

I will definitely try! I'm gonna post the hair asap, but the room might take a while.

I couldn't agree more, Barbara. I haven't had the best of days... especially losing my homework. I hate that.

I hope the new hair pictures will prevent you from suffocating. I'm one mirror and a new duvet away from room pictures. Ahh, sweet procrastination.

nikki! said...

elkpu"PS. A girl in my french class told me to write that as a title..."

You mean, the most cool girl in your French class told you to write that.

hilary m. said...

Gee, I keep making silly mistakes like that!

I'll make sure to edit that in.