Monday, September 04, 2006

Tomorrow Morning I Will Wake Up At 7:30

Because, tomorrow morning is the start of a new school year. I probably won't wake up at 7:30 though, more like 7:50. I'm not exactly an early riser. And I'm not as excited about school as I was last year, there are certain aspects that are very positive for me and there are parts that aren't. But that's life. I know the first week will be a lot of fun, it usually is. The excitement will die down, and I'll get into my regular routine of procrastination and uhh... homework too. They don't go hand in hand well, but I manage to make it work. Nahh... I don't procrastinate too much, or at least I don't want to.

This year's pretty important for me, even though I have no clue about my future. Which gets me talking about careers and stuff, and how people change their career's and the future is (definitely) unwritten (the poster on my wall says this). When I was five I wanted to be a veteranarian. But now I'm not to keen on science, and I think I'm allergic to cats. Grade 3 it was the Prime Minister of Canada. I think I've read the news enough to know that that's a shitty job. Grade 6 it was a lawyer (I don't know what I was thinking). Currently, I enjoy reading, writing and learning about things. I'm interested in music and entertainment, politics and the world. I'm not too shabby at English, and I'm interested in Social. I like writing, creative writing and telling stories. Research projects are interesting, but I need to learn how to take notes and reference better. I somewhat enjoy math, although I'd never think of it as a career. I'm not too good at science, though some of it's interesting. I'm pretty creative, and I'm not bad at art. I like performing arts, although I'm not brilliant at it. I like talking to people, meeting people and people. I'm pretty opinionated which can be good and bad. I love to read. I'm not sure what that could lead to, but it doesn't matter because I'm not old enough to care that much.

In other news, we went to BC this weekend which was plenty fun. Spent a lot of time walking, lounging, swimming, talking and messing up my hair to look like Ryan Adams' (you know, really messy and a couple inches above shoulder length). Thought of a really cool idea on the way there. If I have nothing to do during the school year, I could start up another blog with video and audio stuff. Basically I would pick a topic every 2 weeks or something that has to do with current events or everyday life and put together a video or audio clip about the topic. I could interview people in this little city who somewhat have a connection to this topic, or ask people on the street. I could research it up and add my own commentary. I would need some more equipment, but I think it might be really fun. But it depends on the amount of time I have and if I can get the equipment and a lot of things.

ohh.. plus++++

Things that scare me: Metal music, breaking expensive things, death
People who make me laugh: Morrissey, my brother, Barry Manilow, Sabrina Jalees
Things I hate the most: Intolerance, horrible music, brussel sprouts
Things I don't understand: Intolerance, the stock market, Stephen Harper's wife
Things I'm doing right now: Looking at a screen, listening to the clothes dryer, breathing

Things I want to do before I die: Have a successful career, move somewhere else, go to university, travel somewhere very different
Things I can do: Talk, write, curl my tongue, ski
Ways to describe my personality: Outgoing, silly, inquisitive, a little cynical
Things I can't do: Watch TV for more than 2 hours, not finish something, sing Rufus Wainwright while playing guitar, sleep in the car
Things I think you should listen to: People who care, music you like, The Clash

Things you should never listen to: Judgmental people, nails on a chalkboard, Mel Gibson
Things I'd like to do: Find a new band to like, Learn both english and french, get good grades
Favourite foods: Indian food (curries and Shrimp Korma), fetuccini alfredo, seafood, chocolate

Beverages I drink regularly: Chai tea, water, orange juice, milk
Shows I watched as a kid: Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Arthur

But I still am a kid.


Ariel S. Hyre said...

YAY BILL NYE!!!! Not that bad, eh?

Ahem. Yeah. Happy first day of school (mine's tomorrow for some reason). Except for the science and math part, you sound exactly like me. O.o Creepy. Have you thought about a career in the World Bank? Travel exciting places, meet interesting, exotic people, and help them out. I'm shooting for President of it one day. ; )

And you are SO lucky to be able to get up that late. I have to get up at 6:30...

hilary m. said...

I loved Bill Nye. It made science fun. Unlike some of my science teachers.

Ah, creepy. How are you in math and science? Hmm. World Bank. I've never really thought of it. I suppose that would be very interesting. But I bet it would be a very hard job...

I woke up at 7:10!! You should seriously be proud of me, this is amazing... I don't even need to wake up now! Our school starts at 8:50 and it's a ten minute walk.

Allison said...

LOL at "Stephen Harpers wife" ;P
Fine list Hilary! Oh, Bill Nye, he really did make science fun. Although I could still never disect anything in high school (especially the pig).

Good luck on your first day back to school, and I hope you have a great year :)

hilary m. said...

Bill Nye is the man.
He could make dissecting fun... maybe.

I'll never understand Laureen Harper.

Ariel S. Hyre said...

Dissecting is AWESOME as long as the face isn't intact. Then I can't look at it. But all we've done is a fish, a squid, a cow eyeball, and an owl pellet.

While I get Bs and low As in math (gotta work on that), I've aced science three years in a row. =) I LOVE science, it's my favorite subject!

Lucky 8:50 person. We start at 8 and end at 3:30, except on Wednesdays when people have games. Then we get out at 1:30.

What's up with Mrs. Harper? *does not get it*

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your school starts at 8:50? Lucky you! Eva's started at 7:58 in JH but HS will start at 8:40 so that's more reasonable.

I love how Morrissey makes you laugh (he DOES bring the LOL) and that you do not understand Stephen Harper's wife - how true!!!

All the best with school this year.

hilary m. said...

We haven't done any dissecting Ariel! A lot of classes got to, but we haven't yet... Science isn't my fav subject. I'm in the 10 class, but I feel like switching back to the 9, because science isn't part of my career plan, therefore I don't need to skip ahead in it. But I'm excited about Pure 10 Math.

Mrs. Harper, is known for her shyness of the media as well as a lot of other things including motorcycling around Alberta and not changing her maiden name until pressured. Nobody really knows about her, kinda like Area 51.

I'm very lucky Barbara, especially cause I'm such an early riser. The timetable this year is a bit weird, cause our classes got half an hour shorter... I have double Humanities every day (which isn't bad at all).

Morrissey could possibly be up there as one of Englands greatest comedians.