Monday, September 18, 2006

I can write some mediocre propaganda

*pssst* this isn't actually my opinion, sorry to disappoint everyone. I did write it though.

The Canadian military entered Afghanistan to assist the efforts of those rebuilding the country, after the destructive reign of the Taliban. Canada is playing a major part in Afghanistan by collecting and decommissioning thousands of heavy weapons, as well as millions of land mines, helping Afghanistan become a safer place for its people.

Our troops have bravely taken a role in Kandahar, and they are are helping to make the southern countryside more controlled and less violent and dangerous. Before the international forces came to these areas, the land and the people were torn by violence and abuse.

The Canadian troops in Afghanistan are working hard to make the country more safe for the people. If international forces were not in Afghanistan, war could very quickly break out. We are already seeing signs of freedom, women attending school, people voting for a leader. The part Canada has taken in the war is helping Afghanistan along on the road to reconstruction. This is important to Canadians as global citizens, and it is very important to the many innocent people living in Afghanistan.

If Canadian troops continue what they are doing in Afghanistan, continue saving lives and fighting against those who want to destroy the lives of innocent people, Afghanistan will continue to get closer on the road to safety and reconstruction. We need to keep up the support for our troops, both from the people of Canada and the government of Canada.

Yeah, whatever Hilary.


PS. Final Fantasy (aka Owen Pallet, aka that major cutie gay boy who plays the violin or fiddle or whatever the damn thing is called) just won the Polaris prize. Who woulda thought. Maybe I should have gone to the concert after all. And... Billy Bragg sold out before I could bother my dad to get us tickets. Errr. That's the worst type of procrastination.

Don't you just want to give him a hug!!???


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am so torn about the Canadian forces being in Afghanistan. On the one hand, they are fulfilling a mandate from the UN and they are doing work for which they have been respected for many decades. The Canadian peacekeeping force has a stellar repution (with some obvious horrifying exceptions - Somalia, for example) for a good reason.
However. This isn't really a peacekeeping mission, is it? There is very little peace to keep, and most of the action is full-on offensive. Afghanistan is a very dangerous place (more so than Iraq) and I am grateful I have no family currently in the military.

But how about that Owen Pallett? I listened to He Poos Clouds again this morning, just to try to get into it, and found a few pieces that weren't uber weird. He sure is a cutie though.

hilary m. said...

I'm a bit torn myself Barbara, I don't believe it is a peace-keeping mission at all, therefore I don't agree with the Canadian troops being in Afghanistan. Although I think that the international forces are accomplishing somethings in the positive direction. But, I would so much rather a more peaceful approach taken. I wrote that for a presentation at school, it's interesting how easy it is to write something from a different perspective.

Maybe it's one of those that takes a few listens... I might check it out, it would be worth it to buy the first winner of the Polaris. Owen Pallett being cute is the one thing we can all agree on.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your piece is very well written Hilary, proving that one does not have to believe what one says to soud convincing. Guess that's why there is such a demand for spin doctors.

I've been listening to He Poos Clouds quite a bit and am starting to appreciate it. A few more listens are indeed required.

hilary m. said...

Perhaps I should grab it next time I'm at a music store...

joe k. said...

Everyone should get out of hte mideast already. They dont want us there, and were making it worse.

my sister says:

OWEN!!! SQUEEEE! D&D Nerdgasm!

hilary m. said...

I kinda agree with you Joe. Although the troops are trying to help with reconstruction, don't you think they could accomplish it in a more peaceful way? Err. I'm not a big fan of Stephen Harper.

Heehee. He's like the only cute boy who plays D&D.
That I know of, at least.