Monday, October 22, 2007

final fantasy, basia bulat, oct 18. @ the warehouse.

So I figured I was too lazy to right a review of any sort. But I guess not!
I had been looking forward to this show for quite a while, after a great experience hearing Owen Pallett live at the folk fest this summer. I had his latest album and I liked a couple songs off it, so I was looking forward to seeing Final Fantasy live. After two workshops and two performances at the folk-fest, I (and others attending these events) were very impressed by Owen Pallett. His using of violin and looping was very effective and the songs he performed live were infectious, interesting and quite impressive.

So as my brother and I lined up (just before everyone started to arrive) at the doors of the Warehouse, we were definitely anticipating a good show. We managed to get pretty much front and centre, and were there when DJ Nifty (or Matt, formerly of Les Mouches) began his smaller set. His act was definitely interesting, his use of looping vocals and sounds to create his music was pretty ingenious. After Nifty, Basia Bulat (and a drummer, keyboardist, ukulele player and fiddle player) started their set. I really enjoyed their set, a fun indie/folk melange that kept the audience engaged, and clapping their hands.

Owen Pallett took the stage at around 9:30 (I wasn't particularly keeping track of time). An added bonus to the show, was the old school overhead project playing some amazing multicoloured slides to accompany the show. It was like the notes that we get in english class, but with less dissonance, caesuras, and more birthday candles! He seemed even more comfortable with the audience than the folk fest, which was just fine. It was a great set, so engaging I forgot I couldn't feel my toes through my suede pointy toed waay too flat boots and that the room was exceeding the temperature of the sauna at the Y (except bigger and with more cheerful indie-kids). At one point people began yelling out suggestions (Arctic Circle, etc.). I am not a suggest-yeller, but if I had more guts I probably would've pulled for Adventure.exe, if it's simple enough for me to play on guitar... hey! I also noticed Owen was wearing a Thunder Bay scarf, which made me glad to see some Northern Ontario representation. I won't give anymore detail, but I will make a list of some highlights and lowlights (in my opinion).

  • The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead
  • The colourful and just plain cool transparencies on the projector
  • Basia Bulat's clapping songs.
  • Basia Bulat's drummer brother, who was pretty cute.
  • That many stringed instrument she played, that must be a bitch to tune.
  • Owen Pallet and friends manning the merch table.
  • Paris 1919 was amazing, eerie, fantastic.
  • This Lamb Sells Condos and the switch from violin to piano
  • Song Song Song!
  • This Is The Dream of Win and Regine!
  • Two Years To Win My Heart in the encore-ish thing.
  • The audience seemed pretty cool in an un-pretentious way


  • my brother and I didn't bring any money, so I couldn't buy any hard-to-find cd's
  • I was kinda sad Owen didn't cover Fantasy or play Adventure.exe
  • waiting outside the warehouse for a ride home in t-shirts in the cold.
  • my brother didn't wear a cardigan.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I loved how you brought some memories of the folk festival into this. That was a great cape shirt he wore at the festival!

It really was a fabulous concert at the Warehouse, wasn't it? Too bad we didn't run into each other, but it was certainly packed.

And I didn't realize that was a Thunder Bay scarf he was wearing. It was very stylish.

hilary m. said...

I really enjoyed his outfits in general at Folk Fest. Every day he wore a cool new shirt or hat.

Yeah, it seemed like I was completely surrounded by people, hard to see anything! I'm glad it was so popular though.