Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i'm not dead.

Well, I haven't exactly posted in ages.
I am still alive, just to let everyone know.
It was a long and busy summer.
I dunno if I'm going to keep with up though. My first semester at school isn't exactly hard (English pre-AP, Film Studies, Gym, French) but I don't know if I have enough motivation to write anymore. I'll probably be getting a part time job, to learn some time management before my academic semester begins. I just don't really have anything interesting to write. I could probably find things, but I must admit, I'm a tad lazy.

I am, however, looking forward to some amazing concerts this fall. Seems like that's when all the good acts come around. I unfortunatly (really unfortunatly) am missing the Weakerthans at Mac Hall this October. But I will most likely be catching Final Fantasy, Bright Eyes and Stars as they come around.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sometimes you just need a break from the blogging thang.

Hope to run into you at Final Fantasy. I'll bet there will be some great scenester watching at that one.

What about the New Pornos? We're going to the Friday show.

hilary m. said...

I can't wait for Final Fantasy, Owen Pallet's quite fabulous live!

With Bright Eyes and Stars on the list, I kinda wanted to save my cash after splurging on three concerts. But I do have their new album, and I'm slightly sad about missing out.

Danny Tagalog said...

Do you know I might be between both of your generations here, but I have no idea who Bright Eyes are.... Art Garfunkel springs to mind. And they used to call me a floppy fringe indie sort...