Saturday, November 04, 2006

November snow brings... lots of homework?

Our report card marks for term 1 had to be filled out 2 days ago, which is probably the reason that school's been so intense the past two weeks. We're still doing the Utopia stuff in Humanities, our deadlines are independently made. Unfortunatly I've had to hand some work in late, a day after my own deadline. Err. And we had a unit final in science recently, as well as a whole bunch of quizzes in Math. Oh well, at least I'm not that bored. We've got plenty of books to read for Humanities, that I'm actually interested in reading. And I'm playing guitar again, which is nice.

I went to see Borat with a bunch of friends yesterday. It was at the really big theatre, which I'm not used to. And we were late so we got those seats that are a couple feet from the huuuge screen. I could still see the movie though, it wasn't too bad. It did mean being really close to the huge, hirsute and very naked obese man when that scene came. So you might be automatically turned off from Borat once I've said that, but don't be. If you're like me and you can take incredible politically-incorrectness and laugh really hard at it, then you'll like this movie. It's kinda brilliant, like South Park but smarter in my opinion (and I like South Park). The movies basically making fun off how crazy the values of people (in this case Americans) can be. And some people are pretty ridiculous. One of my favourite parts is when Borat's in the huge warehouse-like Penticostal church, and they "save" him, by grabbing him and speaking tongues and yelling things about the Lord, etc. It was very funny. I laughed harder than I have laughed at a movie for a very long time. Because a lot of the comedies today are crap; gross, stupid and through all that money and effort they still don't manage to make me laugh. Hopefully nobody actually takes Borats racism and sexism seriously, although as this movie shows, amazingly a lot of people are already just as bad

I have an interesting question for you guys. If you could have a little 10 minute radio segment on something, once a week or so, what would you do?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am so looking forward to seeing Borat. I actually think that Sacha Baron Cohen is quite brilliant in his subversive way, and that his comedy exposes more about the people he tackles than it does about him.

Ten minute per week radio segment? I would probably play a couple of songs that I am currently crazy about and talk about why you should be too. Or something like that.

Ging. said...


my average is a 47 ='(

Reel Fanatic said...

If anyone were silly enough to give me 10 minutes of airtime, I'd try to review movies ... I agree with you wholeheartedly about Borat .. it was distressing how easily people showed their biases with just the slightest prodding from Baron Cohen's brilliant creation

Barbara said...

10 minutes? I would play a bit of music too. Maybe have a guest on.
What would you do? I think you could easily host a 10 minute show Hilary!

hilary m. said...

He's a lot smarter than some people think Barbara. (By that I mean Sacha Baron Cohen, not the character).

That would be very cool, sounds like a good idea.

Aww Ginger, that's too bad. =(. The teachers are pretty evil, and this year is so much harder, huh? Hopefully they aren't mean to you like our science teacher last year...

I think reviewing movies would be pretty fun too. That's what made it so funny! And there was brains behind this one.

Music and movies seem to be a theme Barbara! I'm not sure, maybe do a combination of movies, music, books things I experienced in the week from my perspective. It's an interesting question though.