Saturday, July 21, 2007


hello everyone!

I am back from my not-so-brief bit o' laziness there.
Well, I suppose it wasn't all lazy. I finished up my ridiculously easy provincial exams, (as well as school) and I went to my cottage. I did cottage-y things like swim in the lake, fish for walleye, canoe, draw, paint, read. I actually did a fair bit of reading, I read about 7 Kurt Vonnegut books, and about 10 other books. On the long and annoying trip home, I read A Fine Balance, about the lives and experiences of four people living in India in the 70's. Poverty, death, violence, the brutality and oppression of the caste system. It was probably not the best book to read in two days, although it was well-written I found it a bit overwhelming. I dunno why there was a little "Oprah's Book Club" stamp on it, I thought Oprah recommended fabricated memoirs and lame-self help books. Anyways, it was a nice cottage vacation. I also managed to catch a day of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, it was really a great experience.

Anyways, I'm back at home trying to get used to modern civilization and already very much used to long car trips. Tomorrow I'm heading to Nelson. So it goes.

And on Thursday the much anticipated event of the summer begins, the folk fest! I will try to give you updates on that.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a well read summer! A Fine Balance is a marvellous book, despite the Oprah thing.

See you at the Record Tent!

hilary m. said...

Yeah, that cottage-y bit gives me a lot of time for reading.

After Winnipeg Folk Fest, I can't wait!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Walleye? I'm envious. As for Vonnegut, God rest his soul, he was one funny writer (having met him once during my college days). Have fun at the festival!