Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We had that meeting at school today where you plan out what courses you take for high school. I dislike talking about the future, because I don't have a clue about mine. I'm staying at my school (it's a ten minute walk). I'll probably do Math 20 Pure, some level of Science 10 (I haven't made up my mind yet), English 10 AP/H and some level of Social 10. Then we need fifteen credits for optional courses. So that's French 10, some fine arts thing and maybe Journalism 15. I have no clue about careers, but I know what I don't want to do. Which is anything to do with math or science. I'm not horrible at either, but they've never interested me. So I took a career aptitude test, to see where that leads me. Some of it makes sense, some doesn't really.

Actor (I like performing arts, but I can't really see this as a career)

Desktop Publisher(Interesting, but not really)

Cartoonist(I like some of those cartoons in the paper on Sunday...)

Animator (I'm not that good at animating)

Anthropologist (I'm not sure if I would excel in this...)

Comedian(My friends might think so, but I'm not sure about that as a career)

Print Journalist(I like writing, but it would be a hard way to make a living)

Critic(I'd probably be a little too critical, but it'd be fun)

Writer (It would be very interesting, but also a hard way to make a living)

Composer(Is that like Beethoven? Do people still do that?)

Musician(Hard to become successful, and I'm not that good at guitar)

Translator (I have a very mediocre knowledge of french, but I don't mind learning it)

Medical Illustrator(Very interesting, I wouldn't be good at that though)

Activist(It's an amazing thing to devote your life to a good cause, but I don't know if I could accomplish anything)

Artist(Art's fun, I'm not bad at it. But I'm no professional)

In Humanities right now, we have a poetry anthology. We need a them and my friend was doing "Life's simple pleasures", I told him that was the most cliche thing I'd ever heard. So I decided to do cynicism. There's definitely no lack of cynical poems. But I wrote a haiku about smoking.

Bars deny smoke ban
We're already sick to death
Have another smoke


Allison said...

Is that like Beethoven? Do people still do that? LOL!!! You kill me Hilary.

I don't think you give yourself enough credit. Writing is a hard life for sure, but you're good at it, if you like it try and pursue it. I remember taking those tests and trying to decide which courses to take. When I was starting highschool we only had 2 choices, out of 4 for gr. 9; business, art or music or shop. I stuck with business and art all the way through.

And don't worry if you have no clue about the future, I've got 10 years on you and I still don't know. And I'm just about to finish my BAH. Hmm...maybe that says something about me ;)

hilary m. said...

I looked it up on the site, I guess composers write movie scores and things people need composed, like the guy who sings those songs in Toy Story...

I'd love to do something like writing, I like to think there are always are other options if one doesn't do well. We have so many choices right now it makes me dizzy. My mum went to a highschool in a small town and had the options of typing and french. I just asked her about it and she said "I was deprived and I'm still crippled because of it". I hope that's sarcastic...

I hear all of the kids in my grade with their exact plans of what they're going to do, which is weird because in 10 years it'll probably look very different. My dad has a degree in political science, he wanted to be a writer, and now he works in IT.

Melissa said...

Dude I was going to take journalism too, until I heard it was crap. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Well, if I can convince my parents to let me stay at QE that is.

Barbara said...

There is always work as a copy editor. Correcting other peoples work. It also often pays better than being a writer... Something to keep in mind...
I think you are a natural on the radio though.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Back in the day, all the guidance councellors were evil evil people and they told us that if we didn't go into sciences we would end up living in a cardboard box under a bridge. So I did (to the point of getting a M.Sc.) and now I am sooooooo over science.

Don't listen to guidance councellors. Do something that truly appeals to you.

Evelyne said...

It is hard to choose Hilary, I'm doing a B.Sc and I'm not even sure if I like it or not... sciences, is it really in what I want to work?

I'd like it if someone could go in my brain and understand the way I'm thinking and know what kind of person I am and then be able to tell me what I should do (studies, job), but I guess that it would be too easy.

I met a guidance counsellor 2 summers ago and it wasn't really helpful, I learned a couple of things about me and the only thing that she managed to do wasn't to help me, after the 5 sessions I was more confuse than before meeting her .

hilary m. said...

Yeah, it all depends on the teacher. I would just do the course for an easy way to get on newspaper.

Hmm, that's interesting Barbara. I don't think I could stand a job where I can't work with people all the time though. Maybe that's why I don't sound bad on the radio, I love talking to people.

I'm glad that nobody has forced me into anything Barbara, I can see how working with science could get boring after a while.

It seems like everyone finds out what they want to do eventually. I really hope that's the case.

Melissa said...

i took one of those tests
and professional athlete came up third =[ It was supposed to be first! Possibly second! But third... Tsk tsk. Hahah. Those career tests may tell you what you're good at, but I'm not sure how well they decide what career you are suited for.