Monday, April 24, 2006

Why I wouldn't be caught dead getting shoved into that Panel Van or having my email read on The Hour

Well, it's past ten, and I haven't got a chance to blog in a while, so I will chat light-heartedly about one of my very favourite past ten topics... The Hour! (with George Stroumboulopoulos, Monday to Thursday at 6 or 9 on CBC Newsworld). So the recent episodes have got me thinking about that interesting vehicle Strombo manages to stuff people in..(ya know..the 'Panel Van') and those nice emails people send.

But don't get me wrong, I think the emails and the van are a great idea. You get lots of interesting responses from some enthusiastic people who watch the Hour. And the Panel Van gives ya a nice slice of public opinion also. I congratulate all those smart people for their witty responses and interesting insight. But haa! I can't imagine my emails getting read. I'm really not an "on the spot" person. If somebody shoved me into that van and made me talk about something it would not be good TV. Just imagine, an uncomfortable looking teenager, eyes darting around, mindlessly ranting whilst stuttering and coughing. I got interviewed a couple days ago about poverty, and you should of seen me! This was an interview for a small website, and I had just finished a trip to the local drop-in centre. I couldn't pronounce hospitable!! Hospi..hosp..hops..uhh..nice! And my emails? I would probably come up with some numb attempt at wit, which would sound corny and juvenile. And if I were to give my opinion? I'd probably make it sound dull and immature.

Now, I consider myself to be fairly well-read. Maybe well-spoken when I've had a couple days to think about it, ya know, write down my lines, plan my tone of voice. But, please save the opinion-asking to the more nimble-minded pedestrians. And, I would advise George not to read my emails. Because I definitely do not come with a 100% witty response guarantee. Well, that's all for tonight, because I'm getting tired and if I write anything more I'll make a bigger fool of myself.

hilary m.


Barbara said...

I had my email read on The Hour last week. In it I insulted poor George on his choices of using the F word. I love George and email the show maybe once a week. The only email they respond to is one where I disagree with him... Go figure. You go ahead an email him anyway. Don't worry what you sound like. By the way you blog, you sound fine.

hilary m. said...

oh yes, I think I remember hearing that email last week!

I suppose I could keep sending my emails to the Hour, maybe after a couple months I might achieve a witty enough reply to be read..
or perhaps after that long, it would seem more desperate than witty and sincere!

one day I know I will achieve on-the-spot wittyness, one day.

hilary m. said...

thank you very much for the encouragement, guess I'm not that bad a writer cause george read my email today!


Barbara said...

You have a link on The Hour's blogtracker.

hilary m. said...

ooh, fabulous.
my old blog just got zapped off,
so I'm very happy about the renewal. ^^

hilary m. said...

oohh, the irony. after I published this I got an email read on the hour.. and this blog got put on the blog tracker! I love it.